So it will be Queen Consort Camilla…

All the furore of the fact that the wife of Charles when he becomes King will become Queen Consort makes some awful reading when you see the horrible comments from people who are still “struggling” over the death of someone they never knew………like it affects our everyday life.

I for one think she is a game old bird and lets face it…if she can put up with Charles and his spoilt brat ways then she deserves the crown and a medal.

On Saturday, the Queen announced that the Duchess of Cornwall will become Queen Consort when her husband accedes to the throne
HM The Queen and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.

Her Majesty put out a heartfelt plea that it is her wish that Camilla be known as the Queen Consort when the time comes, and I do believe that those still going on about the late Princess of Wales should just give it a rest now.

Neither Charles nor Diana were blameless in their marriages. He had Camilla and she dallied about and yet Camilla has been the one to run the gauntlet because Diana very cleverly looked the victim on a TV programme. (We can see where Harry gets it from). There was nothing said about the numerous men in her life.. Seems a bit one sided and lets face it….he should have married Camilla in the first place. Ridiculous old fashioned rule of she must of been a virgin.

Guess what I am trying to say is that the marriage just did not work and there are lots of marriages that end in a divorce, and it is nothing new for people to move on. You would think that Camilla was only the second wife in history with the vile comments that are said to her. After all, this is the same poor woman who had some deluded nut job throwing shopping at her in a super market.

Camilla has steadfastly supported Charles who lets face it is one petulant adult, and she has not tried to upstage the monarchy and she has been a huge support to the Monarch and the institution of Monarchy. She is the wife of the Prince of Wales and it is a shame she did not take the title Princess of Wales but she knew that there would be hell to play from those who feel they should dictate her life….again having never met her or the late Diana.

Lets not forget that when people called Diana the People’s Princess she still lived in a palace and had no idea how your average person lived,….none of them do and that is why people need to get off their high horse and just accept that as the wife of Prince Charles, Camilla will be Queen.

William has accepted it as she makes his father happy, however the sulker in chief has not said a word. He has not congratulated the Queen on her 7 decades on the throne (considering he says he loves the Queen above all….funny way of showing it), but it should set the alarm bells ringing for the Palace as Harry’s new book will no doubt be full of untruths and half baked theories…sorry “his truth” on his stepmother as he has nothing else to sell…both he and his wife know that. All they can sell are their mis and disinformation and where money is concerned…they don’t care whose life they trash to get it. So much for being kind to others eh!!!!

Harry like us need to just accept that Camilla will be the Queen Consort and that he and his wife will never be anywhere near that throne, and that is probably what irritates them. …the fact that Meghan gets what Meghan wants…. except the Throne and that within the 2nd generation they will drift into being non entities as the world watches the Cambridge children.

Camilla being Queen Consort will not affect the line of succession and it will be William, George, Charlotte and Louis until George has his children and there will be no changes made in Camilla’s name as she is not the ruler…just his consort as she is now. The laws will be made in the name of the King and not Camilla….and nothing changes for us mere mortals.

So, after 17 years together as man and wife do you not think it is time to give her some slack as it seems she is doing a great job and is well liked by those charities and military organisations she is patron of, and just let her carry on what she is doing….supporting the Prince of Wales and the Monarchy.

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