Showing my total bias for Jacob Rees Mogg….

I am not enamoured with this Conservative Government and indeed have told Mr Points of Sue and Points of Sue Jr who is another country that I will no longer be voting in the elections as I am fed up with the whole thing, however there was a little note of cheer for me today and that is my favourite politician Jacob Rees Mogg has had a promotion.

Jacob Rees-Mogg mocked after being forced to cancel literary festival  appearance by 'powers that be'
The Right Honourable Jacob Rees Mogg MP

He was Leader of the Commons and is now the Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency.

I know that the comments will come fast and probably full of language…well just to let you know…those don’t get printed. You can disagree with me and if you do in a polite manner I will post it….however, it says Points of Sue and I am delighted with it.

Jacob Rees Mogg loves Great Britain and he is the honourable member for the 19th Century with his mannerisms, but this is a Brexit voting MP who was re-elected in a constituency that had voted Remain. It goes to show how much they respect him as the man as he has never hid the fact that he dislikes the EU. It does not mean he dislikes Europe infact quite the opposite, but he hated the dictatorship of the EU and so did millions more.

I am delighted that he will now be given the Brexit portfolio and it is a similar to that of Lord Frost and in Jacob the EU will not find someone who they can push over, but he will above all else keep it polite as that is who he is.

The Right Honourable Jacob Rees Mogg is a vote winner for me and if he became the Leader of the Conservative party I might change my mind, but until then that is me out…but well done Jacob…thoroughly deserved.

Satire only makes Jacob Rees-Mogg stronger | Stewart Lee | The Guardian
The Right Honourable Jacob Rees Mogg MP

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