Pentagon furious over Kabul Evacuation.

A 2000 page report into the botched Kabul evacuation has been published and according to files the Pentagon was furious with Sleepy Joe Biden. Should have made that known sooner….it would have saved a lot of lives.

The 2000-page report repeatedly says planners were unable to react to conditions on the ground, but instead had to do what they could with 3000 troops.

Marine Gen. Kenneth ‘Frank’ McKenzie, chief of U.S. Central Command, said he was ‘not surprised’ commanders had different opinions about how the evacuation could have gone better.

There ‘might have been other plans that we would have preferred,’ he told the Washington Post on Tuesday, ‘but when the president makes a decision, it’s time for us to execute the president’s decision.’

I find it hard that the Pentagon officials actually listens to a man who is incapable most days of knowing what day it is, and who is also the fortunate son….having never actually put himself in danger for his country.

Biden’s plan resulted in the deaths of 13 brave young servicemen and women, the deaths of many Afghans, the gifting of $86 billion dollars of equipment to the actual bad guys, and on top of that dropping a hell fire missile on an innocent man and children.

U.S. Marines provide security and check evacuees at Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul, on Aug 21 during the evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies
U.S. Marines provide security and check evacuees at Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul, on Aug 21 during the evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies

I would guess that he thinks different now.

The Pentagon officials are said to be furious now but why did they not question his decision before the deaths started.

According to the report the White House and some Pentagon Officials failed to see the Taliban would take over Kabul. After refusing to heed warnings about the Taliban advance, an officer described finding the embassy in meltdown in mid-August after militants had seized the capital, with some staff ‘intoxicated and cowering in rooms.’

I find it unbelievable that they would leave the decision up to a man who is obviously affected by dementia and who seems to have no idea where or what he is doing and when the realisation catches up with him…..he looks weak.

Photo of Joe Biden with head down at press conference goes viral as 13 US  troops die in Afghanistan bombings

He still did not understand what was happening but decided the best thing to do was then to drop a bomb on people….innocent people… a man who worked for an American Charity and children…..

I blame the Generals in charge as they must have known that the Commander in Chief was totally incapable of making any decisions. There was a plan in place by the previous administration who wanted the civilians out by the 31st March before the Taliban regrouped from Pakistan, and where the final thing to do would be to blow sky high the equipment that would be left behind and what did Biden do?? Ignore it.

As well as outlining the critical decisions taken to secure the airport, it also reveals violence experienced by US forces during the operation.  It lays out military frustration at what officers said was resistance from the State Department and White House to prepare the evacuation of embassy personnel and Afghan allies weeks before Kabul’s fall. 

Navy Rear Adm. Peter Vasely, the most senior commander on the ground during the operation, told investigators that personnel would have been ‘much better prepared to conduct a more orderly’ if ‘policymakers had paid attention to the indicators of what was happening on the ground.’ Failing to spot the Taliban’s intention to complete a rapid military takeover, he said, undermined proper preparations.  

Bill Roggio, editor of the Long War Journal, said McKenzie's response on the advantages of Bagram - and why it was not used - was revealing

Republicans also seized on the report to accuse Biden of dereliction of duty.      

‘A secret Army report shows Joe Biden & the White House utterly unprepared for and derelict in the withdrawal from Afghanistan – but Senate Democrats still refuse to hold oversight hearings,’ said Sen. Josh Hawley on Twitter. Only “closed door” briefings, away from the public. It’s pathetic.’

This was all because it was a Trump Administration idea and he decided instead to try and evacuate at the height of the Taliban terrorism, and where there was a heavily increased risk of civilian casualties.

I firmly believe that the date for the withdrawal was changed because Biden and the Administration wanted to put it back for the 9/11 date. It would not surprise me if the thought of coming across as defeating the Taliban on that date would be a huge plus for them, and nope it was a disaster but then Biden has always been a disaster on the foreign issues.

The buck stops with the Biden/Harris Administration for the failures and the deaths that occurred, but the buck also stops with the military top brass as they should have resigned with maximum publicity at the stupid plan Biden and his cronies came through with.

In the future going forward because Biden has now left the Taliban with more hardware and air support than most countries in Europe, he and his administration and the General Staff should be held responsible for any future terrorism that happens.

They armed them…they gifted them with all that military equipment and they must take responsibility but like the President…the Generals won’t resign….there is no honour at the top anymore.

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