Pentagon furious over Kabul Evacuation.

A 2000 page report into the botched Kabul evacuation has been published and according to files the Pentagon was furious with Sleepy Joe Biden. Should have made that known sooner….it would have saved a lot of lives. The 2000-page report repeatedly says planners were unable to react to conditions on the ground, but instead hadContinue reading “Pentagon furious over Kabul Evacuation.”

Showing my total bias for Jacob Rees Mogg….

I am not enamoured with this Conservative Government and indeed have told Mr Points of Sue and Points of Sue Jr who is another country that I will no longer be voting in the elections as I am fed up with the whole thing, however there was a little note of cheer for me todayContinue reading “Showing my total bias for Jacob Rees Mogg….”

Some teachers just should not teach…

A substitute teacher decided to try and humiliate the son of a American Police Officer by telling him loudly in class that the mask he was wearing showing support for blue lives matter was the new confederacy flag. Thank the lord the children can now video these encounters….. Where do they find these people from?Continue reading “Some teachers just should not teach…”

The Dictatorial EU and why Poland needs its own Brexit, along with Hungary.

The EU has decided to withhold £12.6 million from Poland for its audacity to refuse their dictate to shut down one of their coal mines. I thought that the European Union was a collection of countries who would act together as one in a democracy and the only thing that is missing is borders, wellContinue reading “The Dictatorial EU and why Poland needs its own Brexit, along with Hungary.”

So it will be Queen Consort Camilla…

All the furore of the fact that the wife of Charles when he becomes King will become Queen Consort makes some awful reading when you see the horrible comments from people who are still “struggling” over the death of someone they never knew………like it affects our everyday life. I for one think she is aContinue reading “So it will be Queen Consort Camilla…”

Pays well to be a socialist…

I hope Jess Phillips MP is donating all her outside earnings to the poor in her constituency that she is supposed to represent. After all 82k plus 200,000k expenses with a family member as office manager is surely enough for any committed socialist and their family to live on. Wouldn’t want to be a hypocriteContinue reading “Pays well to be a socialist…”