Hypocrite thy name is Nancy Pelosi…but she just joins the rest of them.

Whilst preaching to whoever will listen that it is our duty to save planet, and that she as a good catholic is following God’s will that we be more environmentally friendly….Nancy Pelosi then spends over half a million dollars in 2020 flying private jets.

You could not make this hypocrisy up. It is like the Markles and their endless dictates of how we the poorer people must not fly on our holidays, and that we must curb our carbon footprints whilst they live in mansions with bathrooms that number 16 in the case of the Markles, and in the case of Pelosi her numerous houses……

Along with property tycoon husband Paul, 81, she owns multiple properties spread over several states and currently spends most of her time in Washington D.C where she has a $2.6m condo in the upscale Georgetown district. She also owns a four-bedroom San Francisco home that sits in the middle of her congressional district and was purchased in 2007 for $2.2m but is thought to be worth at least $6m now.

The couple also have a 65-acre wine estate in St Helena, 65 miles north of San Francisco, that boasts a Palladian style house and a Z shaped pool. According to Roll Call, the property is now worth between $5m and $25m and provides the Pelosis with an annual windfall of up to $15,000 from grape sales.

Pelosi also owns a second Napa Valley property worth $1m which is rented out for up to $50,000 a year according to her financial disclosure forms. A second rental property worth up to $5m is located in the upscale Sugar Bowl Ski Resort near Norden, California.

Do not forget that Pelosi is in favour of family members making millions by insider trading….which is just what her husband did, however if you tried that in America you would be jailed for fraud. One rule of the privileged elite who think they are above the law….we have a name for it…..crooked.

So whilst Pelosi and the other hypocrites are doing this…..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's campaign spent $489,164 on private jets from October 2020-December 2021 despite claiming climate change is an 'existential' threat and jet use being notoriously bad for the environment

John Kerry and his family also went by private jets, and the Bidens who spent $15 million on them during the election campaign whilst preaching to the people of the United States about needing to cut down on their carbon footprint….beggars belief it really does.

The elite do like to tell the “little people” what to do and in all in the best of their hypocrisy squealing voices.

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