PMQs questions…

Summed in a paragraph….

Labour constantly tried to bring up partygate. The Lib Dems constantly tried to bring up partygate, the SNP MP Ian Blackford endlessly brings up partygate, and so did the other opposition MPs.

Boris and the Tories tried to drown it out and said that we must wait for Sue Grey….

Meantime in the real world…

Russia is ramping up on the Ukraine.

Russia conducting mock sea battles off Ireland.

China sending 23 military aircraft into Taiwan airspace.

National Insurance hike still planned.

Energy companies collapsing and bills going through the roof.

Cost of living going up.

NHS not coping.

Germany not standing eith other nations…

All those questions that could be asked…..but nope…cake and partygate. Have these people really got nothing else to do when the world is in the brink, except throw smartass remarks at each other.

The cost of that alone will be hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds….what a bloody waste.

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