It looks like war….

Seems like war in the Ukraine is coming as the Bond Villain Putin wants to flex his strength and show the weak President in the United States of America that he means business.

I wonder what the woke generation of those who voted for Biden are thinking now. He has 8.500 troops on immediate standby for the Ukraine and with the ultimate aim of 50,000 troops should NATO get involved. Tell me again at which point Trump did all this? He contained Russia, China, North Korea and Iran because he was unpredictable, and that unpredictability was keeping the peace in a way.

Yet within 12 months of the oldest President to be sworn in to power Putin is flexing his muscles.

This is not a coincidence and has been planned by Putin the minute he knew Biden got in, as Biden cannot even answer questions in a coherent manner never mind being the Commander in Chief of an America vs Russia conflict.

The problem for the United States of America and the people of the Ukraine is that you have the same inept people in dealing with this, who dealt with the disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan and who by the way have left people behind….American citizens and those people who helped the US Military. There could be hundreds left behind and that does not bode well with what is coming.

Secretary of State Blinken is trying to talk up how the USA will deal with Russia but he has been a disaster in everything he has done when put to the test, and all Biden has done is pick the people who worked for Obama and Obama’s policy was to drop drones on just about everyone but I digress.


There is no appetite from the people in America for war and Republicans are demanding Russia de-escalate as both parties push for sanctions and try to avoid sending U.S. forces to Ukraine following reports President Biden is considering deploying up to 50,000 troops to the Baltic region. (

Our own Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab has stated that Russia will pay a heavy price if they invade…but pay by who?

We have nothing left thanks to the Conservatives and I certainly don’t want to see any fallen heroes arriving at Brize Norton and sacrificed due to the mistake America made by voting in the weakest President they have had for decades.

Putin has nothing to fear and there is nothing from Germany and France. Infact Germany is banning weaponry from anywhere their borders. It is quite probable that Germany is worried at the thought that Putin would feel that there is unfinished business from WW2 with regards to Germany, and France….well its France and they will do what the Germans tell them to do.

The Ukraine will not be able to rely on Europe as if the two largest powers in the area are saying nothing, then the rest of them will follow suit and it will be us and the USA who will be dragged into a war that is really nothing to do with us.

There is also the fact that China will then go for Taiwan whilst Russia is in the Ukraine and who will protect Taiwan then? Certainly not Europe as they do not have the stomach for it and are nervous of what Russia would do to them and that has given Putin this bold stance.

The demands of the Ukraine not being in NATO is not really what he is interested in, neither is the request for the West to remove their service personnel from Ukraine as he knows that he is just picking some issues out of air. He means to attack and he will and then what?

Boris Johnson and successive Conservative Governments have stripped our forces to the bone and we have nothing really to fight with. The PM delivered the stark message as he admitted that the prospects of averting a confrontation in the area were ‘gloomy’. 

It is not that we do not have the will to fight as we have some of the finest soldiers in the world but they cannot fight with very little kit. Labour wouldn’t be any different. It seems that the military is expected to fight some of the largest militarised countries in the world but with what? Its not even as we have a call up…which the Ukraine is doing now and that is not a good thing. 18 year olds are now being called up in the Ukraine to try and stop the might of the Russians, and mothers and daughters have now stated that they will fight to stop the Russians and I believe them and pray for their safety.

Civilians training to resist any Russian invasion of Ukraine over the weekend. Left is 21-year-old Tatania, a veterinary medicine student
Civilians training to resist any Russian invasion of Ukraine over the weekend. Left is 21-year-old Tatania, a veterinary medicine student

There will be no conscription here or in the USA (as neither Parties will vote for that….it is political suicide) and lets face it….the youth that we had in the 40s when we were under threat are not the same as the ones we have today. They need safe spaces and get upset because President Trump sends out nasty tweets. If that is what we have to rely on….god help us and that is why we must not go to war.

We cannot go to war against a country that has indoctrinated its military and who has been building it up for years, whilst we have been running ours down and no soldier in the United Kingdom wants to go to war, after all who will protect their loved ones when they are away.? Todate, Boris Johnson has stated that he won’t be sending troops but we know he cannot keep his word and like Biden….Johnson will create a war if it means taking your eyes of the polls, after all there is nothing better for some when they become a war leader, only this time this is a real enemy. Russians have more soldiers in the build up on the Ukraine border than we have in our entire army…..the odds are not good for us and I hope that Parliament will refuse to sanction a war.

Speaking on a visit to a hospital in Milton Keynes as NATO ministers held crisis talks in Brussels, Mr Johnson said the Kremlin must realise that Ukraine could be a ‘new Chechnya’. ‘The intelligence is very clear that there are 60 Russian battle groups on the borders of Ukraine, the plan for a lightning war that could take out Kyiv is one that everybody can see,’ he said. ‘We need to make it very clear to the Kremlin, to Russia, that that would be a disastrous step.’

We are now teetering on the edge of insanity and it seems that there is no one else to pull it back and I fear for the people of the Ukraine as evil forces are on their way, and the only thing we have to ask ourselves is when!!!

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