Virgin Media price increases…

Well it’s started…the corporate greed increases are going to start affecting people from now……

Virgin media have written a very polite letter to us staring that our bill is going up….another £69….its a 13% increase on last years bill. That’s one massive leap…

I know some people will think it’s a small price but add that with the council tax bill increase, which Warrington Council have gone for the maximum allowed, the utilities increase and the NI hike…thats on average a £3000 pound uncrease on the already overly taxed people, and where do these companies think the money comes from?

Mind you the Directors of these companies rake it in so they don’t care, and the perks like the MPs….its all free….

We had another phone with them cancelled it and for me that’s not enough, going to cut back on everything and change providers, because if companies like this are going to stick the boot in when we are already down….they won’t be getting our custom.

Hit the greedy companies in the pocket as that’s all they understand.

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