Guy Verhofstadt dreams of Great Britain….

Otherwise why would he be bothered about what does or doesn’t happen here? He is obsessed like some jilted boyfriend.. its creepy…

The queues are longer at Dover because of individuals like him bringing in anal retentive checks, but then we all know that Verhofstadt is anal and retentive.

Maybe the irritating little Belgian needs to look to Europe and see what is massing there in the guise of Russia, as one day in the not too distant future they will have to ask for our help, and unlike Verhofstadt we are not petty and we will help, as that is what we do. After all we did it before and we will do it again.

Hundreds of thousands of British Servicemen, the flower of our youth lie under the soil of Belgium sacrificed for their freedom and where they lie is British soil, and it will always be British soil but the petulant stomping Verhofstadt doesn’t see it that way.

He can see no further than a dictatorial Europe where power and money lie in his greasy grasp. Why is he bothered? Oh yes the cash cow of Europe left and that must of hit his pockets hard.

Poor thing….having to exist on hundreds of thousands of Euros a year, access to private cars, private jets, opulent spending in malls created only for them and first access to vaccines and medical care, whilst the people of Europe died, and telling countries their budgets are cut….well fire him first….save a fortune. After all the people of Brlgium didn’t want him and booted him out of power.

Always the funded gravy train for a select few…..Reminds me of something….oh yes Stalinism or Nazism at its best.

He needs to realise he is one of the major reasons why Brexiteers voted out. We don’t want our lives dictated to by a jumped up little wannabe Corporal in the EU, and maybe if he used that endless hot air to a greater good thousands of houses could be kept warm

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