For readers of Bernard Cornwall….

In the Bernard Cornwell books, Leeds is where 9th-Century Viking invader, Ragnar the Fearless and his family settle down.The modern city of Leeds is named from Loidis, a small British kingdom annexed by Northumbria back in the 7th-century. The name, which may mean ‘People of the River’, lives on in Leeds itself (called ‘Ledes’ inContinue reading “For readers of Bernard Cornwall….”

There needs to be a criminal investigation…

Into Warrington Borough Council and the Labour Councillors who have fecklessly thrown money needed for the poor, down the drain through poor mismanagement. Here’s a report from our good friend at the PRIVATE EYE … surprisingly it’s also been printed in the WG – who asked for their view !! Wow .. kudos to theContinue reading “There needs to be a criminal investigation…”