PMQs or as I call it….toddlers tantrums.

Today the 19th January 2022 a day in Parliament or as I call it in the Kindergarten for badly behaving bratty members.

A Tory MP defects to Labour

Christian Wakeford Tory MP for Bury South has defected to Labour saying that the Prime Minister and the Conservative Government does not represent the nation. Well, in my view without the thumping win of Boris Johnson this man would not be in Parliament.      

If you want to walk, then insist on a by-election as the people voted in a Conservative MP and not a Labour one.

I would think more of him if he quit and caused a by-election but me thinks it is because he wants to protect his seat. He knew he could not get in last time unless he backed the Prime Minister and he knows that the voters are angry with the Prime Minister at the moment, however there is time for him to take back control and if he does…will the new labour MP revert back to the Conservatives? After all he now has form for flip flopping.

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This is not about the anger of the people; this is not about party gate nor is it about the Conservative Government…. this is good old fashioned protecting his seat for his own interests. Who would want to give up that shortly to rise £84k a year with all those lovely allowances each year in expenses?

From the they work for you website and the Parliamentary Website…regarding Christian Wakeford. It seems being an MP didn’t make him stand down as a councillor. Nice to get paid twice from the taxpayers ATM, or in his case from numerous council seats.

1. Employment and earning until 6 May 2021, Councillor, Lancashire County Council, County Hall, Preston PR1 8XJ. From 1 July 2020 onwards, I received an annual allowance of £10,675, paid monthly. Hours: approx. 20 hrs a month. (Registered 10 January 2020; updated 01 September 2020 and 20 May 2021).

After his election as an MP in December 2019, Wakeford continued claiming public allowances for at least three roles outside the House of Commons – as a Lancashire County Council councillor, as chair of that council’s education scrutiny committee and as a Pendle Borough Council councillor – despite having announced “to a full Lancashire council chamber” his resignation in February 2020. He reverted that decision once Covid came in stating that it would leave the people without a councillor….(lovely taxpayers money again), and he was eventually sacked in June 2020….when he didn’t attend the expected number of meetings.

For the three roles noted in the media, Wakeford received a total allowance equating to £22,041 p.a. for “approx. 40 hours per month”on top of his base salary of £81,932 as an MP. The hourly rate for his council work was…….£45 per hour if you go off 12 months divided by 40…… what a lovely rate for doing next to nothing.

His expenses from December 2019 to April 2020 were £44,901.94p

His expenses from April 2020 to April 2021 were £79.501.62p

His expenses from April 2021 to date are £16,099.45p, and we have not completed this tax payers year yet.

When you get an MP that acts in such a dishonourable fashion then the best thing to do is get rid as he is not doing it for you, his constituency nor the good of the country but for his own pocket especially as not so long ago he said he backed Boris….and having written down just how much he has earned….make up your own mind on that one on whether it was disgruntlement or protecting his money!!!

Prime Minister’s Question Times.

1202   Boris Johnson has informed the commons that Her Gracious Majesty has agreed to award medals to those brave servicemen and women a new medal for the evacuation of Afghanistan.

1203      Another labour MP asking for the PMs resignation…. he refused.

1204     John Baron ~MP Conservative ask for assurance that the Government will meet the British Council funding requirements for the young people.

The PM states there is a 27% increase on the previous fiscal year, and it is 189 million.

1204         Keir Starmer took a deep breath and  Yep…he had to go there and welcome the turncoat Christopher Wakeford to the Labour party. Well, that brings Labour up to two hundred people at least as MPs, still not a real opposition. He states that the Labour party are ready to lead…well not with that low number.

He further states that he wants to build a new Britain on security, financial security and new investment and requesting that other MPs cross the floor to him. People who cross floors as Starmer knows get thrown out at the next election as they cannot be trusted.

Starmer is again bringing up the party gate matter again, and yet he does not mention that he himself went to a working party indoors at a constituency office. Is this what PMQs are about? They are nothing better than snot nosed kids having a spat at school.

When will questions be asked about the collapse of Together Energy? The rise that is coming in dual fuel bills and the interest rate raises for the cost of living? This is nothing more than political baiting and one of the reasons why people like me, and millions of others are fed up with the whole lot of them. It is about time they started to grow up.

1208    The PM has confirmed that the growth rate for the economy is back to pre-pandemic levels.

The PMQs last for about 30 minutes and 1/third in and Starmer is still mentioning the lockdown issues with the Prime Minister, and yet again does not mention that he himself flouted the rules. When are they going to get down to the issues that matter? Yes, the public are angry but there is time to move on.

When is the leader of the opposition going to ask about the troop build-up on Ukraine border by the Russians? Why is he not asking about the number of servicemen and women who have been sent out there to help? Why is he not asking what actions are to get our servicemen and women out of there before the collapse?

Why are Labour not asking why we are on course this year as mentioned by intelligence services to have economic migrants tip up on our shores illegally to the tune over of 60,000.  Why is the Labour Leader not asking how we plan to secure our borders?

Why are Labour not asking why the NHS is still struggling? 

Why has the Labour Leader not asked about those in the NHS who will get fired for not having the vaccine?

Why are Labour not asking why operations are still being cancelled in the NHS and waiting lists growing longer?  Why has Starmer not asked what does the Health Secretary, the Government, and the Prime Minister plan to do about this?

1214      Starmer is still endlessly going on about the Prime Minister and the party during lockdown. The Commons are full so if we say there are 600 there, then that is 600 expense costs that we are going to be cobbled with, and yet he is still with only 15 minutes to spare to question the PM of relevant subjects that are affecting today, and not what happened yesterday and last year but he is endless and it shows that yet again Starmer has nothing of value to give to the country as a Leader.

1215     The Speaker admonishes Keir Starmer for bringing up the Queen sitting alone at the funeral of Prince Philip. He states that the commons do not mention the Queen in such a way.

1217    Finally Starmer with 13 minutes to spare brings up energy bills with a cut the VAT rate but cannot resist the dig at party gate. That joke has gotten so old it is ancient now. He states that the country has gotten tired of this out of touch Prime Minster. The irony that the Leader of the Opposition also had a party during the lockdown and people in glass houses should not throw stones.

1218    The Speaker has admonished both leaders stating that the people of this country do not want the bickering that they are doing, and instead what real answers and real solutions.

I say make the Speaker the PM….

1219    PM has brought up the booster roll out and the vaccination programme after having been berated by Starmer but let us not forget that Starmer was the one who wanted us to stay in the Europe Medicine Programme, and this would have left us at the mercy of the EU.

Again, people in glass houses.

1220     The PM states that there is now £350 million being made available through the automotive fund for the Green Electric Car energy project.

1220     Ian Blackford gets on his feet and yet again he brings up the endless party gate and just when I thought that Parliament had moved on and decided to behave like grown up, we can always rely on Blackford to bring it down to the childish level.

Ian Blackford and the SNP should concentrate on the loss of jobs, the rising Tax rates, the fact that the NHS hospitals they have built cannot be used, the increase in drug users….and the fact that the SNP are leading Scotland towards disaster. Then again, he would have to admit that they are failing.

Again, people in glass houses.

1223     Ian Blackford is yet again bringing up the party gate and using the deaths of people from Covid. This is in bad taste and yet again it is for nothing more than political gain. It is about time they waited for the report from Sue Grey.

Well, we are 5 minutes left of the PMQs and only one question has been asked on the energy crisis by any opposition leader and what a dreadful waste of time. There is so much going on in the world that will have a knock-on effect in this country, and they spend the valuable time in PMQs trying to score political points and it is childish.

Again, Russia is knocking on the door of Ukraine and there are British Servicemen and women

1226   Mark Menzies Conservative MP for Fylde has asked what steps the PM is taking to increase the growth in exports that we are currently enjoying, and the PM states that this government will do everything it can to help.

1227    Alba MP Neale Hanvey MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath has asked what the Government is doing to help people with bills on low incomes following the death of the James Scott, A Veteran who took his own life following a struggle with debt.

The PM states that the Government is doing all they can and will do more to help those who are struggling. My deepest respects go to the family of Mr James Scott.

1228      Kate Griffiths Conservative MP for Burton in Staffordshire has asked the PM what the Government can do to protect the victims of violent crimes and their families, after explaining the death of one of her constituents. The PM states that there is ongoing recruitment for 20,000 new police officers but more must be done.

1229    Jessica Morden  MP for Newport East has yet again brought up the party gate issue.

1230     Paul Howell Conservative MP for Sedgefield has chastised Labour as the people want the Government to get on with the everyday issues, and the issues that concern them such as energy costs.  

1231    Another opposition…. Only Liberals are now bringing up the party gate…. not a question that has moved on….

1232 PMQs are running late  –    Andrew Glover Conservative MP for  Northampton South asked for a memorial for the Photographic Reconnaissance unit from WW2 and wants the backing of the PM for this fitting memorial and the PM will do what he can to support it. The PM states that it is a question for the local councils and that he will bring in legislation to penalise those who destroy monuments.

1233    Dame Diane Johnson Labour MP for Kingston upon hull – bring ups yet again the party gate. It seems there is nothing of substance from Labour.

1234    Sir Robert Goodwill Conservative MP for Scarborough and Whitby sent thanks to the Armed Forces and on National Armed Forces Day and asks will the PM pull out all stops to celebrate the Armed Forces Day and the PM agreed and stated that he knows Scarborough will have a great day.  

1235   Hywel Williams MP for Plaid Cymru – yet again about the party gate.   

1235    The Prime Minister has informed the commons that A controversial Government amendment that would have reintroduced dual mandates for Northern Ireland politicians is to be withdrawn, the Prime Minister has said.    The Government had been seeking to amend legislation going through the House of Lords to allow MPs to return to the Assembly without the need to immediately vacate their Westminster seat and trigger a by-election.  The Prime Minister has confirmed that this has now been withdrawn from the Lords.

1237     Yet another labour MP asking for the PM to resign.  The PM states he will not go as the employment is low and job vacancies high as that is what Conservative Governments do.

1237    Sir David Davies states that he defended the PM because of Brexit and the Vaccine roll out, but he is saddened that the PM will not take responsibility and stated in the name of God…go.   The PM stated that he does not know the quotation that Sir David Davies, but he takes full responsibility and will not leave.

1238     Stephen Kinnock Labour MP for Aberavon has asked if the Tory Leader of Scotland is a light weight. That is from the quote from Leader of the House Jacob Rees Mogg who was replying to the Scottish Conservative Leader who was demanding that Boris go and who has not given the PM a platform to speak at the next Scottish Conservative gathering. The PM has stated he has full confidence in the Scottish Conservative Leader, and it is Labour Party who are the danger to the union.

1239    The PM has asked could the Government make smart motorways safer. He has given it to the Secretary of State for Transport, and he will speak to Parliament.

1240 hrs      The PM statement on Covid and Omicron.

The Prime Minister stated that within hours of learning from Scientists about the South African variant the Government acted within hours, and they implemented Plan B measures, encouraging people to change their behaviour to slow the virus down and asked the NHS to take the weight of the issue. 

The PM stated that thanks to the extraordinary effort of the NHS they gave 36 million boosters with over 90% of over 60s are now vaccinated.  Many nations across Europe were locked down and Christmas and New Year cancelled including Wales and Scotland, but this government took a different path and helped businesses whilst continuing caution and that it was this government that took the difficult but right decision.

Overall infections are falling as the Scientists have stated that the Omicron wave has peaked but there is concern in the Northeast and Northwest. Admissions have stabilised in London and throughout the Southeast, and because of the success of the booster campaign the country will be returning to Plan A and most of the restrictions will be stopped.

From the 27th of January all measures will be gone. People will work from the office, and voluntary passport for covid’s will come into effect but they will not be mandatory. The mandated face masks will end too and from tomorrow face masks will go in classrooms and they will still advise to wear one in tight spaces but will not criminalise people who chose not to wear one.

Plans to ease the care home access and the Health Secretary State will give a statement to the House of Parliament within the next few days.

Still a legal requirement for people to isolate when they are testing covid positive, but there will eventually be no requirement when testing covid just as it will eventually be treated just the same as flu. The government is going to leave it to people to act and behave in the way they think best.

The PM will set out the long-term plan for living with Covid but to the above possible we must all be careful as there are still people in intensive care, and from data 90% of those in ICU are not boosted.

The PM further stated that Omicron tested us just as Covid did before…but that we are the first nation to deliver the vaccine and the booster, the fastest in Europe to roll it out and were the first country to create their own vaccine and that this Government was not like labour who wanted us back into the European Medicines Agency, and it was this country who procured the vaccine and this Government who funded production of the drugs responsible for fighting this virus, and that is why due to the Government measures that we are now the fastest growing economy in G7 and back to pre-pandemic levels and where there are now over a million jobs available.

The WHO stated this week that whilst the Covid is challenging the world,  the UK can move forward in their opening up of the economy and a success of this nature has not been seen since WW2.

A Statement from the Opposition.

Keir Starmer states that the British public have made great sacrifices and could not resist the dig yet again at the party gate and stated that he will support the relaxation of the rules if the PM can share the data.

(Let us not forget that this is the man who wanted us to stay locked down and wanted us to stay in the EU medicines agency).

Keir Starmer is asking for plans to deal with covid and asked where the Foreign Secretary’s plan is to vaccinate the world.  This is despite the Prime Minister already stating that the Government along with other nations were already giving the vaccine to poorer nation.  The Labour Leader stated that they would train and reserve volunteers for the Covid Vaccinations (although this is what was happening already)  and they would raise the Statutory Sick Pay (there was no mention of the Government issuing money to companies to keep their workers in jobs), and there was no question asking why some companies are cutting their sick pay to SSP for those who are unvaccinated.  Starmer stated that Labour would have kept the schools open with better ventilation (that would depend on the councils paying for the repairs),   

Starmer further stated that a Labour Government would invest in the vaccine being produced in the United Kingdom, but obviously forgetting that there are 3 sites already in this country where the vaccine is produced.

In answering the Labour Leader, the PM stated that he is happy to share the advice and he asked about the testing and stated that we were testing 1.3 million a day, and that this was larger than any country in Europe. The PM informed the Labour Leader that thirty million doses has been given to the poor country from the United Kingdom, and that this will increase to one hundred million will be by June and that a further 2.5 billion will be distributed by the other countries working with the UK to those who are 3rd world country. The Prime Minister also pointed out that it was a Conservative Government who had given more funding to the NHS, and it was the Conservative party who wiped out the debt of the NHS to the tune of billions of pounds.  

The PM further states that it was wrong to keep the school locked down, and that when this was done it was because of the virus and the need to protect teachers and pupils, and not because of the union paymasters who would have demanded it of a Labour Government.  The PM stated that the Labour Leader was wrong about demanding a lockdown over the Christmas and New Year, and that the Labour Leader was also wrong for wanting us to be taken back into lockdown during the winter months. The PM states that it must be miserable for the Leader of the Labour Party as he has had nothing to say in reality.

The Prime Minister stated that the Leader of the opposition did not say he supported the decision regarding Covid, but when corrected the Prime Minister laughed and said he will do so this week but for political gain he will be against it again next week.   He stated that Captain Hindsight has nothing to say and nothing new to offer the people.

Mrs May, the former PM stated that she welcomes the end of restrictions, and will the government make it clear that those who are fully vaccinated will have no restrictions in travelling.  The PM stated that the travel arrangements will be made available over the next few days for the industry and be delivered by the Secretary of State of Transport.

1256      Ian Blackford asked whether caution is the key and stated that Scotland is being cautious,  (but let us not forget that Sturgeon shut down the country and thousands of Scots came south of the border to celebrate New Year). He then reverted back to party gate (and that is where most people switch off as it is just political point scoring).

The PM stated that lateral testing will be kept as long as possible and that he has seen the work of the UK armed forces to help collaborate, and that this Government has been cautious along the way.

1259      Jeremy Hunt Conservative former Secretary of State for Health stated that the Government ordered millions of vaccines doses and has the good sense to do so, but that the NHS Doctors and Nurses are exhausted and what will he do to give hope to the front-line staff?

The PM thanked everyone in the NHs both frontline and other staff and it is right to state that they are exhausted and working heroically and doing an incredible job and it is because of the covid cases we must remain cautious, and they are recruiting more nurses but there are 44,000 more health care workers than the pervious government.

The PM has started that there is a job of work to do for those who are not vaccine boosted and that is because of apathy and that more needs to be done to get the groups of young people and ethnic minorities vaccinated.

1302    Andrea Leadsom  chastises the opposition party for not delighting in the removal of restrictions and would the PM look into the impact of those who had to give birth to children on their own and not with their partners due to Covid.

The PM agrees that the point about the birth partner being in attendance is vital and her early start to life programme is especially important, and the Government will look into the impact of their partner not being with them..

1303   Up pops Sir Ed Davey, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats to talk again about the party gate and I though that that parliament had moved on…but nope there is always one.

The PMs attention is brought to another plan that that those NHS who are not vaccinated will be sacked in a couple of weeks but will the Prime Minister rethink this policy by sacking those who dedicated themselves to the fight for covid.

The PM states that he has to think of those who will be at the bedside of elderly and vulnerable people who will be at the bedside worried those who are not vaccinated. He will reflect on the way ahead, but it is a professional responsibility of those in the NHS to get vaccinated and that 94% of NHS staff were now fully vaccinated.

Plaid Cymru again brought up the party gate again and the PM was asked if Mark Drakeford, the Leader of the Welsh Parliament had behaved in an exemplary manner. (The people of Wales will decide that after the draconian measures inflicted on them).  The Prime Minister stated that the Union had worked together.

1308      The PM was asked if the report from Dame De Sousa had been looked into and the recommendations of children who have been excluded or dropped off the radar taken under advice?  The PM stated that the Government will look at the report and that he does not want to see children excluded and that the best  place for children is in school.

1308     Caroline Lucas Green MP for Brighton– states that an All-Party committee had looked into the long term covid conditions that front line workers had who had caught Covid and who and can no longer work, she stated that they need access to further help in monetary terms.  The PM states that further research is needed into the long terms effects and this Government will look at what can be done.

1310    Richard Burgon  Labour MP for Leeds  states that those who now remove their masks could fall in on a bus or on public transport and die. The PM states again that we must trust the British people to do what is right in circumstances like this.

1311   Esther McVey Conservative MP for Tatton stated that the Chief Medical Officer had issued a statement that there is no mandatory reason for the vaccination, and she wanted the decision to terminate staff thought of again due to the 100,000 non vaccinated NHS Staff. The PM states that he understands her point, but this decision is fully supported by the NHS, and he has to protect the NHS, the patients, and visitors.

1312    The SNP bring up party gate…. that has moved on and there are more urgent questions to ask surely?

The PM was asked whether we as a country and as a government have learnt from this Covid Pandemic and whether the United Kingdom is preparing for the next variant?  The PM stated that there are still things we have to learn but as a country we have, and that this country is in a far better shape to tackle the crisis that a great deal of countries and the vaccine roll out showed this.    

The rest of PMQ’s from the opposition were based on their demands for him to resign and the Leader of the Opposition and Sir Ed Davey went ASAP without asking about the energy crisis, the inflation rise, the build up of troops on the Ukraine Border by Russia and nothing on how to protect our own borders. 

Points of Sue’s thoughts…

In a nutshell the leaders of the opposition just wanted to political score for nothing more than snarky politics and they were never really serious about asking any questions.  They remind me of the snot nosed kids in class who wanted to tell tales constantly and where nothing in reality was achieved.

Yes the people are angry, and my own beloved Aunt died during the pandemic, and we could not go to the funeral and we will be having a celebration of her life this year, but it is what it is and we cannot go back and ponder on the past but rather look forward to the future with regards to the pandemic.   

What made me look up was when Sir Keir Starmer tried pointing out that HM The Queen had to sit on her own at her husband’s funeral, and we know she did and somehow that symbolises what Covid did to us and to know that a Queen behaved as her subjects is somewhat comforting I guess, but lets not forget that both Leaders of the major parties broke the lockdown rules…so those without sin should cast the first stone.

Starmer and the other opposition leaders had the choice and they should have been responsible enough to ask the Prime Minister what about the Ukraine as let us not forget there are British subjects out there have been sent there by the Government to help.  Labour seem to have a habit of not enquiring after members of the Armed Forces when they are sent to do the dirty work of politicians, but guess there is nothing to be made out of it for Labour and Starmer.  Don’t forget that this is the same Starmer who sued the Government for terrorists from both the IRA and ISIS, and who wants Shamima Begum brought back.

There was nothing regarding the increased costs that are going to hit the people, but again the leaders are out of touch as they think it looks better to make snarky remarks instead of being sensible politicians.  Well, it doesn’t as really it shows that they have nothing to offer.

Of course, the Labour Leader crowed about the turncoat from Bury South, but the public will see behind the façade and know that he didn’t do it for the benefit of them, but rather to continue getting his lifestyle paid for by the taxpayer.  I guess his need and desire to keep coining it in shows he was a true socialist all along.   People do not take too kindly to people who walk the floor as shown in the political massacre of turncoats in the parliamentary elections of 2019.  Not one member who walked out of their political party was re-elected and I hope whoever was due to stand for the Labour party in Bury South kicks up a stink as not a thought was given to them, and I hope he is punished at the polls. 

We cannot be surprised at his walking the floor as we know that MPs are anything but honourable and amazing how quickly an MP of 2 years can pick up the trait of seasoned MPs and that is putting himself first.

We now have to wait another week for PMQ’s and in the meantime we have the Russians building up on the border, and where 6 of their Naval ships have already passed through our wates on the way to blockade the Ukraine.  Questions need to be asked why Germany blocked us from going through their air space and also what has happened to the double dealing and delusional EU? Are the EU going to get involved and protect their neighbour against the invasion as we know it is coming. 

What about finding out who the countries are who will stand with Ukraine?  You know the important questions but guess it won’t be this week as the Leaders of the Opposition and especially Starmer was behaving like a tantrum throwing child, and wanting to tell tales out of school instead of being a political leader, and that for shows that he is not ready to be a true leader, he is not ready to run the Government and he is not ready to run this country.

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