Having a woke DA spells disaster for law and order….

Los Angeles Woke District Attorney George Gascon it seems is letting people out on zero dollar bond and it is causing upset, harm and murders of innocent people, and now a DA who has prosecuted child murderers is calling him out for his agenda as it is starting to harm others now. Jon Hatami prosecutedContinue reading “Having a woke DA spells disaster for law and order….”

PMQs or as I call it….toddlers tantrums.

Today the 19th January 2022 a day in Parliament or as I call it in the Kindergarten for badly behaving bratty members. A Tory MP defects to Labour Christian Wakeford Tory MP for Bury South has defected to Labour saying that the Prime Minister and the Conservative Government does not represent the nation. Well, inContinue reading “PMQs or as I call it….toddlers tantrums.”