She’s a Spy and he has had £500,000 in donations.

MI5 has issued an urgent warning regarding a spy , only this one is a spy with links to China and money, and she flashed the cash and the whole political elite is given access to her and of course our politicians too. Amazing…we who vote them in have to make an appointment and if we are lucky we can get in when they decide to have a surgery, but chuck money at some and you waltz through the front door.

Thing is no one is surprised by what politicians do these days and their nerve ending search of money.

Parliament was hit by a major security alert today as spooks warned MPs that a Labour donor with links to a former minister was a Chinese spy.  Parliamentarians were told Christine Lee has been monitored by the security services for some time but has not been arrested and is not being expelled as it stands.

But a warning memo was sent to all MPs and peers in Westminster today by the Speaker’s Parliamentary security team, with an attached alert saying she was ‘knowingly engaged in political interference activities on behalf of the United Front Work Department of the Chinese Communist Party’.


No politicians are suspected of any criminality., however Barry Gardiner has had £500,000 contributed to his office, and more hundreds of thousands of pounds were given to the Labour party, the Lib Dems had £5,000 including another £5,000 for Ed Davey and it states the Tories have had money too….although there is no figure.

Barry Gardiner has been very proactive in his voice being the loudest to give China input into our nuclear facilities….

The largest grasping hands sit on those parliamentary benches.

She is a west London solicitor who has donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to former Labour minister Barry Gardiner (right, pictured in 2013).
She is a west London solicitor who has donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to former Labour minister Barry Gardiner (right, pictured in 2013).
A warning memo was sent to all MPs and Peers in Westminster today by the Speaker's Parliamentary security team, and no politicians are suspected of any criminality.

She has donated more than £500,000 to Jeremy Corbyn ally Barry Gardiner, with her son, Daniel Wilkes, working in his office until today. She is also reported to have donated hundreds of thousands of pounds more to other parts of the Labour Party. Questions were first asked about her funding five years ago but no action was taken.

A Daily Mail investigation in 2020 revealed Mr Gardiner benefited from more than £500,000 support from Ms Lee’s firm. According to the Commons Register of Interests, since 2015 Mr Gardiner has received £542,000 in staff costs from Christine Lee & Co. (

Just a question……why would an MP need over £500,000 contributions? His office and the whole running costs are met by us even their receipts for the mars bars and snacks these politicians seem to like….

Barry Gardiner has from 2015 to 2021 billed the taxpayers over £880,000 in expenses including staff costs. Theze figures are from his own admission of receipts. So is a Labour MP with no say in power saying he needed £1.3 million to run his offices in this period??

So, what was the £500,000 for ?

I trust that Barry Gardiner and the Labour party who have been given hundreds of thousands of pounds, plus the thousands paid to the other parties will be paid back in full. Although…..I highly doubt it but if they had any honour they would.

That’s why they won’t……………there is none in the whole building and they must not be allowed to investigate themselves..send in the sneaky beaky brigade and lets have names and monies given. There must be no cover up and no MP must be allowed to hide behind any anonymity.

The whole corrupt bent system of our political parties need to be thrown out and we need to start again.

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