It must of been difficult for a mother….but not for a Queen.

To publicly strip her 2nd son of his honorary titles and his public offices but more importantly he has been told to refrain from using the HRH (His Royal Highness). He has been referred to as HRH all of his life but now he is a private citizen, and he is just Prince Andrew, Duke of York and he is out, and there is no going back for him but what did he expect would happen with a close friendship to a convicted paedophile and a guilty sex trafficker?

Jeffrey Epstein's Connections to Prince Andrew and the Royal Family
Epstein and Prince Andrew.
The Prince who cannot sweat…….sweating.

He needs to just disappear from the public and marry his former wife Fergie if he wants as they are both a right pair, but there will be no 2nd public wedding, no HRH for her and no public money and certainly no spectacle of either of them turning up for Royal duties….he is out and that means she is out too. So let them get married and have what time they have together away from the throne.

What did he expect? The Queen loves her son but she must like any other mother be disappointed at what he has to stand trial for, and he is expected to attend the trail as a private citizen and he will not have the expertise nor the lawyers of the Queen to help, and anything he does….he pays for. Her Majesty has done what is needed to secure the Monarchy for her eldest son, his eldest son and his eldest son and the legacy of the Windsors,

After all Her Majesty is a Queen first and a mother second.

Buckingham Palace

Her Majesty must of received some advice that we are not privy to to have stripped Prince Andrew of all of his military titles and he will no longer be allowed to wear a military uniform, nor will he be able to lay a wreath on behalf of his units at the cenotaph. All of these honorary military titles will now revert back to the Queen.

The Palace said previously that the duke’s military appointments were in abeyance after he stepped down from public duties in 2019 but prior to today, he still retained the roles, including the position of Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, one of the oldest and most emblematic regiments in the British Army.

Andrew’s honorary military titles

United Kingdom Personal Aide-de-Camp to the Queen; Colonel of the Grenadier Guards; Colonel-in-Chief of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales’s); Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Irish Regiment (27th (Inniskilling) 83rd and 87th and Ulster Defence Regiment); Colonel-in-Chief of the Small Arms School Corps; Colonel-in-Chief of the Yorkshire Regiment (14th/15th, 19th and 33rd/76th Foot); Royal Colonel of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland; Honorary Air Commodore, Royal Air Force Lossiemouth; Commodore-in-Chief of the Fleet Air Arm; Admiral of the Sea Cadet Corps.

Canada Colonel-in-Chief of the Queen’s York Rangers (1st American Regiment); Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada; Colonel-in-Chief of the Princess Louise Fusiliers; Colonel-in-Chief of the Canadian Airborne Regiment (disbanded).

New Zealand Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment.

Andrew’s patronages

Alderney Maritime Trust; Army Officers’ Golfing Society; Army Rifle Association; Attend (National Association of Hospital and Community Friends); Berkshire County Cricket Club; British-Kazakh Society; Commonwealth Golfing Society; Constructionarium; Fire Service Sports and Athletics Association; Fly Navy Heritage Trust; Foundation for Liver Research; The Friends of Lakefield College School; Friends of the Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales’s); Greenwich Hospital; Grenadier Guards; H.M.S. Duke of York Association; Horris Hill School; Hunstanton Golf Club; Interfaith Explorers; Inverness Golf Club; Killyleagh Yacht Club; Lakefield College School; Lucifer Golfing Society; Maimonides Interfaith Foundation; Maple Bay Yacht Club; Maple Bay Yacht Club; Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta; Quad-Centenary Club; Queen’s York Rangers; Robert T. Jones, Jr. Scholarship Foundation; Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom; Royal Aero Club Trust; Royal Air Force Golfing Society; Royal Air Force Lossiemouth; Royal Alberta United Services Institute; Royal Artillery Golfing Society; Royal Ascot Golf Club; Royal Belfast Golf Club; Royal Blackheath Golf Club; Royal British Legion Scotland, Inverness Branch; Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club; Royal County Down Golf Club; Royal Free Charity; Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust; Royal Guild of St Sebastian (Royal Guild of Archers of St. Sebastian – Bruges); The Royal Highland Fusiliers Of Canada; Royal Irish Regiment (27th (Inniskilling), 83rd and 87th and The Ulster Defence Regiment); Royal Jersey Golf Club; Royal Liverpool Golf Club; Royal Montrose Golf Club; Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital; Royal Navy Golf Association; Royal Navy Golfing Society; Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment (The Duke of York’s Own); Royal Norwich Golf Club; Royal Perth Golfing Society and Country and City Club; Royal Portrush Golf Club; Royal St David’s Golf Club; Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies; Royal Victoria Yacht Club, British Columbia; Royal Winchester Golf Club; Royal Windsor Horse Show; Ryedale Festival; SickKids Foundation; Small Arms School Corps; Sound Seekers; St Helena National Trust; Staffordshire Regiment Trust; STFC Harwell and Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus; Sunningdale Ladies Golf Club; The Association of Royal Navy Officers; The Colonel’s Fund (Grenadier Guards); The Corporation of Trinity House; The Duke of York Young Champions’ Trophy; The Duke of York’s Community Initiative; The Entrepreneurship Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School; The Fleet Air Arm; The Fleet Air Arm Officers’ Association; The Gordonstoun Association; The Helicopter Club of Great Britain; The Honourable Artillery Company; The Honourable Company of Air Pilots; The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn; The Institution of Civil Engineers; The Ladder Foundation; The Northern Meeting; The Omani Britain Friendship Association (OBFA); The Princess Louise Fusiliers; The Returned & Services League of Australia Limited; The Royal Air Squadron; The Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League; The Royal Fine Art Commission Trust; The Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland; The Royal Household Golf Club; The Royal Institute of Navigation; The Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeths’ Own); The Royal Regiment of Scotland; The Royal Society; The Royal Thames Yacht Club; The South Atlantic Medal Association (SAMA 82); The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights; University of Cambridge Judge Business School; Wellington Academy; Wellington College International Tianjin; Westminster Academy; Yorkshire Society.

Her Majesty needs to look towards the Wessex’s and the eldest daughter, as well as the Cambridge’s and indeed the hardest working Royal of them all Anne to take on more work, as they all will but some patronages will have to cease.

Charles now has the slimmed down Monarchy he wanted and one that is favourable to the British public, as lets face it no one would want to see Andrew not now, but what we must not do is visit the sins of the father and the mother (as don’t forget that Fergie took money of a convicted paedophile) on the children and the York sisters and their husbands have done nothing wrong, and they must be afforded privacy and the care and love of their grandmother with no call for their removal either. I am amazed that the Duke and Duchess could bring up such normal children…wonders of nature eh!

Her Majesty must be feeling the upset and I do feel sorry for her as at 95 she must of just about had enough, and this is the result of when a Monarch can no longer tolerate what her family members get up to, and I am still loyal to the Queen and the Crown and support her and the institution one hundred percent as she always does what it is right even if not at the lightening speed we the public expect.

Whilst we are pleased that Her Majesty took swift action in the end, lets not forget she is a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother and it must be hurting her right about now.

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