It seems the MPs found todays issue of Party-gate a huge laugh and such fun, what a happy day in the Commons.

So there we have it…..Boris and his wife attended a party in the garden at Number 10 Downing Street and at the height of the Covid Pandemic in May 2020.

You have had the usual MPs and Government Ministers who have defended the Prime Minister who is trying to say that it was work event and that he thought technically he was ok. If the very man who is making the rules cannot work out if things are legal or not then how are the rest of us supposed to understand?

Did he not have the Attorney General to ask for advice? The top lawyer in the United Kingdom can give advice in a phone call to the Prime Minister, and that is something us mere mortals did not have on speed dial.

People are not just angry….they are livid and this is something that cannot be hid in an enquiry that runs to hundreds of pages as the actual crime and it is a crime gets watered down, and this is something that some Tory MPs cannot understand and leading the charge by slithering across the tweets…one Michael Gove.

Senior ministers started rallying around Mr Johnson today in what looked to be a coordinated effort to shore his position
Some Tory MPs also called for a pause in the wake of the PM's partial apology

There are of course those MPs who are calling it as it is but those are the MPs in the North who know that their seats and their livelihoods are on the line, and to keep that they must do something about it or as I stated yesterday that Red Wall is already lost to Boris Johnson and the Conservatives, and it seems that the Blue Wall is creaking and on the verge of collapsing.

Tory MP Christian Wakeford, who is defending a tiny majority in Bury, has added his voice to calls for 'honesty' from the PM

On another day of intense political drama:

  • Dominic Raab was forced to issue a ‘categorical’ denial that he attended the Downing Street party on May 20, 2020 or had been invited to it, after a Tory MP suggested he had been there; 
  • Keir Starmer faced Mr Johnson at PMQs after returning negative Covid tests and being released from his sixth period of isolation; 
  • A major Conservative donor issued an ultimatum to Mr Johnson to ‘sort it out or step aside … so that the Tories aren’t wiped out at the next election’;
  • The PM has refused to sack his principal private secretary, whose bombshell email inviting 100 staff to the gathering sparked the crisis;
  • His advisers were on alert over fears photographic evidence of the party could emerge;
  • It was claimed that one senior official at the garden party event joked about the risk of surveillance by drones;
  • The civil servant who runs Mr Johnson’s private office was facing claims of involvement in another boozy gathering that may have broken the rules. (

There is no way back now for the Prime Minister and the fact his Chancellor is not there supporting him says a lot about him too. I don’t think any of the current cabinet are fit to be Prime Minister and yes that includes my favourite Jacob Rees Mogg, but then he doesn’t want the role as even he knows it is a poisoned chalice. The days of hiding things are long gone and this technical age has done the world a huge favour and that is politicians cannot lie or hide anymore., and lets not forget that this is the same Chancellor who has taken back the £20 uplift from the poorest, and stole the triple lock from the pensioners and lets not forget that this was a promise he was not truthful about.

All politicians are the same.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is on a visit to Devon rather than at PMQs, although aides insist the trip has been in the diary some time

Of course Labour decided to make political hay out of it and it is not because they are concerned for the people but because they see a chance to put the political boot in, and watching them point, scream, laugh and do nothing more than behave like hooligans at a football match is rather disappointing.

It would be so refreshing for once to actually have a PMQ’s where the situation that was of dire issue was sorted out like grown ups, instead of the baying idiots that currently sit on those historic green leather seats. Nothing says you are taking the issue more seriously when the Leader of the Opposition is seen laughing, and his team laughing, and his party laughing and pointing.

Where is the solemn question regarding the people who had suffered whilst this Government held a party? What jolly japes at our expense and they looked like they were having an afternoon of fun.

Will nobody take this issue seriously? It is obvious that we cannot trust the politicians to police themselves as it is all show for the cameras and nothing more.

There has to be a full legal investigation into the laws that were broken as people are grieving and they are hurt and they are angry. It says to those of us who do not have power in politics that there is one rule for us and we must abide by it or risk arrest, and that there is another rule for politicians who can do what they want when they want and that is the reason why Boris and his Cabinet must stand down.

It is time for a leadership challenge and I don’t want to see Boris forced out of his job only for it to be handed to Dominic Raab, but rather somebody from the back benches. It doesn’t matter that they have not had a “Government position”…better that than somebody tied up with these dodgy PPE contracts (that is another blog), and if there is nobody then force a General Election and be done with it.

This Government is corrupt. It is dodgy and it is inconsiderate and Boris Johnson has taken the office of Prime Minister and sunk it lower than even May did. You might not have liked her remain values and the shenanigans surrounding that and I certainly didn’t but even she did not do this.

Boris was asked only last Friday whether he had broken the rules and he stated that he needed to wait for the Cabinet Enforcer to come up with their decision, and Baroness Ruth Davidson put it in a nutshell …. “why do you have to wait for someone to tell you if you were attending a party or not”? She understands the situation and demanded he resigns.

Politics has become a very corrupt institution now and it is upto we the voters to get rid of those who represent themselves and not us, but this Prime Minister is nothing more than the Fagin of Politicians and all the other politicians are pick pocketing our faith and trust in parliament, whilst throwing away that faith and their morals that go with the role.

The whole thing leaves a very unsavoury taste in the publics mouth.

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