I feel so sorry for HM the Queen and those trafficked in this whole sordid episode….

It seems that Prince Andrew will stand trail in a civil lawsuit where Virginia Roberts Giuffre states that she was trafficked to him for sex at the age of 17. Whilst it is not illegal in the United Kingdom…it is in the United States of America.

Regardless of her age I think the whole thing is just nasty and Prince Andrew has stated that he does not even remember this lady. What that shows to me is Andrew has no regard for those who he considers beneath him, and she was just there for his entertainment and she was not even an after thought for him.

It is tacky, nasty and disgusting really.

She was 17 and he was 39. He was in the company of a convicted paedophile and the fact that he states he was “too honourable” to stop being friends and that it took a 3 day visit with a dinner party to tell him the friendship was over, was just one lie too many and quite rightly a Judge has thrown out the arguments put forward by Prince Andrew’s team.

Prince Andrew came under fire after he was spotted taking a stroll through New York's Central Park with Epstein following his prison term in 2011

Prince Andrew is today under severe pressure to settle with Virginia Roberts Giuffre after a New York judge sensationally refused to throw out her case – paving the way for a box office trial in nine months to examine claims she was repeatedly forced to have sex with him when she was a teenager.  The decision is a devastating blow to the Duke of York, who now faces a hugely expensive and reputation-shredding court case next September unless he tries to pay-off Ms Giuffre with at least $5million.  If he chooses not to settle, or if Ms Giuffre rejects any offers, Andrew faces being interviewed by her lawyers in a videotaped deposition in London that could be played in court, although the ninth in line to the throne cannot be forced to give evidence due to it being a civil suit in a different legal jurisdiction.  (www.dailymail.co.uk)

A rich man who has been pampered for his whole life and who has been handed everything on a plate, and where he has not been held responsible for any of his actions till now has brought disgrace on his Monarch.

Andrew has even tried saying that it would cause damage to the Monarchy and especially HM The Queen, well he didn’t think of that hanging round with a teenager on 3 occasions and he being almost 40. The whole thing is nasty.

I hope she wins and I hope there are many more names coming out….names like Bill Clinton as the world of rich, privileged men using young girls as sex things should be a thing of the past as it is sordid and to use these young desperate girls shows how little they care, and how little they think of others. It makes my skin crawl when I think of an almost 40 year old pawing at a 17 year old…..

Did he really think the girl was there because she fancied the tubby older man in front of her and trafficked in by Maxwell and Epstein? This is where the pampered Prince lives a life of delusion and where he thinks he is better than anyone else.

Well, I for one am hoping he is brought down to reality but I do feel sorry for his mother. a 95 year old widowed woman who had to wear two hats her whole life and where her role as a mother had to take second place to being the Monarch.

People could say that she spoilt him and this is a sad lesson in being handed everything on a plate without having to earn one ounce of it, but she is still the Queen and she is still his mother and this is her platinum year. His mother has given exemplary service to this country for her whole life and 70 years on the throne will be remembered for one spoilt brat grandson and his wife, and a pampered son whose friends were a paedophile and a sex trafficker. By the way lets not forget the Duke of York’s wife Fergie took money from this paedophile too in yet another error of judgement on her part as she states. The whole thing is sordid.

HM the Queen needs to let him pay the piper for what he has done and the military are demanding his military honorary titles are taken away from him. They did with Harry and whilst I don’t like Harry and his endless bratty outbursts, he has done nothing like Andrew and if they can strip Harry….strip Andrew as no loyal military person or veteran should have to drink a toast to him.

The front page of a 46 page ruling from Judge Lewis A Kaplan that the Duke of York will face a civil sex case trial over allegations he sexually assaulted Virginia Roberts Giuffre when she was 17

If he had any respect for his mother and his Monarch, he would hand back his Dukedom title as her beloved father held this and did so with honour, and Andrew should retire all of his military titles and state that he is retiring from public life permanently and then let him go to the States and stand trial. The victims of this sordid episode need these people to start standing trial for what they did as they think they could just throw poor people away.

The antics of the younger Royals should not affect the love and affection we hold for the Queen and I for one look forward to the celebration of her 70 years on the throne, and just cast Andrew to one side Your Majesty…he is a pampered rotten bad apple and the people love you but there is only so much they will take and defending him is not one of them. If it takes all his money to defend himself then let him do it. The money that the Royal Family have has come about because of us and the people of Britain do not want to pay for him, and do not want the Queen to pay either but it seems Her Majesty understands this and has not done so.

I finish with God Save The Queen and long may she reign over us as she is the greatest asset to this country and she doesn’t need this whatsoever. Shame on those who have brought this heartache and headache in her twilight years, but Her Majesty needs to know that the majority of the country still love and admire her and she is not responsible for the nasty antics of a 61 year old man.

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