Fauci funds animal torture…

Could he get anymore loathsome. Fauci’s NIH are injecting male rhesus monkeys with female hormones, to see if they are more susceptible to HIV…..to see if it has an affect on transgender people.

What the hell has that got to do with a monkey? Monkeys belong in the wild and not in the hands of an animal abuser. By the way… he also funds experiments on dogs and I won’t describe it here but it made me weep.

He really is a horrible individual, and it is illegal in America….animals are tortured to death under the guise of experiments with American dollars…your dollars only he does it in other countries. .

That is about as disgusting as you can get. Maybe the Republicans should introduce a new law where they ban animal experiments worldwide with American money, and mandate the experiments to be committed on Fauci. There will be no loss to mankind than.

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