£15.2 Billion Pounds spent on PPE in 2021 and rising to £18 billion in now….


Coronavirus-related public service spending in 2020/21, £bn

Judges have now declared that the VIP fast track used to give out contracts for PPE was unlawful and that had resulted in some completely useless kit being delivered and unable to use by the NHS. The cost now stands at £18 billion pounds and climbing…there are some very happy chums of MPs and Cabinet Ministers out there.

The crowdfunded High Court challenge focused on three contracts, awarded to: Ayanda (a private equity firm owned through an offshore holding firm in Mauritius); Pestfix (a pest control specialist); and Clandeboye (a confectionery wholesaler). The court found the government had allocated offers to the VIP lane on a “flawed basis” and did not properly prioritize bids. It found evidence “that opportunities were treated as high priority even where there were no objectively justifiable grounds for expediting the offer,” according to the ruling.

The majority of the products supplied by Pestfix and Ayanda could not be used by the NHS, the court noted. Of the products supplied by Pestfix, the aprons, gowns, FFP2 and FFP3 masks were all defective in some way and Pestfix is facing legal action. The FFP2 masks supplied by Ayanda have “not been distributed into the NHS.” https://www.politico.eu/article/high-court-uk-vip-lane-ppe-contract-unlawful/

One prominent example is the £108m PPE contract offered to PestFix, a small pest control company with no prior track record.[19] Furthermore, the NAO found that businesses allocated to the ‘high-priority line’ for PPE contracts were 10 times more likely to get a contract than others. Businesses were allocated to this group based on leads from ministers and officials. The NAO found that the reasons for particular awards were often not documented, leaving the government open to charges of cronyism. https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/publication/whitehall-monitor-2021/finances

The charges for cronyism can be seen from the list below that was leaked and shows how some companies were “awarded” the contracts based on the referrer. *** The Office of the Duchy of Lancaster is Michael Gove.

SupplierSource of referralActual referrer
Aiya TechnologyGCF COVID-19 Enquiries mailbox, Cabinet OfficeMatt Hall, Baringa
Aventis Solutions LtdNHS E&IOffice of Dr Emily Lawson
Ayanda Capital LtdNHS Shared Business ServicesDarren Blackburn, Cabinet Office
Blueleaf LtdKeith Lincoln NHS E&IGCF COVID-19 Enquiries mailbox, Cabinet Office
Brandology LtdDr Julian Lewis MPOffice of Penny Mordaunt MP
Cargo Services Far East LimitedAndrew Percy MPMatt Hancock MP
CCS McLays LtdSteve Brine MPAllan Nixon, DHSC
Community Pharma Co. LtdOffice of Esther McVey MPOffice of Esther McVey MP
Crisp Websites Ltd trading as PestfixOffice of Steve Oldfield, DHSCNick Dawson, NHS E&I
Euthenia Investments LtdOffice of Lord AgnewOffice of Lord Agnew
Excalibur HealthcareMatt Hancock MPJonathan Marron
GBUK LtdPreeya Bailie, NHS E&INot available
Global United TradingDominic CummingsSteve Oldfield, DHSC
Headwind Industrial (China) LtdLiupsco Mihailovszki, SIT BudapestLiupsco Mihailovszki, SIT Budapest
Hotel Logistics LtdSCCLNot available
Ideal Medical Solutions LtdSCCLNot available
Invisio LtdSCCLPPE Buy Team
JD.comMatt Hancock MPJonathan Marron
KPM Marine LtdOffice of Dr Emily LawsonOffice of Dr Emily Lawson
Liaoning Zhongqiao Overseas Exchange Co LtdOffice of Chancellor of the Duchy of LancasterOffice of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
Maxima Markets LtdLord FeldmanLord Feldman
MDS Healthcare LtdAssociated with large donationNot available
Medicom Healthcare HoldingDavid Reed, FCDOGCF COVID-19 Enquiries mailbox, Cabinet Office
Meller Design LtdOffice of Chancellor of the Duchy of LancasterOffice of the Government Chief Commercial Officer
MGP Advisory LtdGCF Commercial Policy TeamGCF COVID-19 Enquiries mailbox, Cabinet Office
Monarch Acoustics LtdMatt Hancock MPMatt Hancock MP
New Asia Logistic Services PTE LtdDr Andrew SwiftOffice of National Medical Director
Nine United LtdMatt Hancock MPJonathan Marron, DHSC
NKD International LimitedDame Donna Kinnair, RCNJonathan Marron, DHSC
P14 Medical Ltd trading as Platform 14Dr Ian Campbell, Innovate UKRichard James, Cabinet Office
P1F LimitedChris Dunn, FCOChris Dunn, FCO
Pakan MedicalChristine Emmett, HS2Janette Gibbs, Cabinet Office
PPE Medpro LtdBaroness MoneOffice of Lord Agnew
Regal Polythene Ltd trading as Regal DisposablesChris Hall, Cabinet OfficeChris Hall, Cabinet Office
Rehear Labs LimitedSCCLNot available
SanaclisSCCLAndy Wood, Cabinet Office
SG Recruitment UK LtdLord FeldmanLord Feldman
Skinnydip LimitedLord FeldmanLord Feldman
Summit Medical LtdSCCLDirect Approach
Tower SuppliesPia Larsen, NHSRichard James, Cabinet Office
Uniserve LtdLord AgnewJonathan Arrowsmith, Cabinet Office
UnispaceGCF COVID-19 Enquiries mailbox, Cabinet OfficeGCF COVID-19 Enquiries mailbox, Cabinet Office
Universal Solutions Trading LtdOlivia Oates, HMTAllan Nixon, DHSC
Urathon Europe LimitedJane Harrison, SCCLDHSC PPE Buying cell
Visage LtdCOVID-19 Single Point of Contact mailbox, DHSCCOVID-19 Single Point of Contact mailbox, DHSC
Worldlink ResourceLord AgnewOffice of Lord Agnew
Wuhan Xiaoyaoyao PharmaceuticalOffice of Lord DeightonOffice of Lord Deighton

Let us not forget the awarding of a multi million pound contract to the landlord of Matt Hancock’s local pub!!!

I understand that the pandemic came quickly, although it seems the Government both under Mrs May and now Boris Johnson had held exercises on such an issue (and failed miserably), so they knew something was happening and it just seems to me that chums, family members as lets not forget Dominic Cummings father in law…….. Dominic Cummings’ father-in-law Humphrey Wakefield is an associate of the director of Admiral Public Relations, which received a £670,000 contract. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/covid-ppe-contract-johnson-audit-report-b1749301.html

If this Parliament has done nothing else it has enriched some and enriched their friends and colleagues too (mainly Conservative) and all thanks to the taxpayers ATM.

The £18bn coronavirus PPE fiasco | Daily Mail Online

Seems the Government cannot bury bad news anymore and it is going to get worse…a lot worse.

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