The rising cost of heating your home is criminal.

The continued rising cost of just heating and lighting your home is spiraling out of control, and nobody is surprised this Government are doing nothing about it except producing hot air. (We should all have an MP in our homes for winter….their hot air would heat our homes), but not so good for the environment.

Energy companies are holding us to ransom over our bills, and when not doing that they are plucking figures out of the air………OVO were informing people who needed to move their fixed plan before Christmas that the cost would be some £4,200. Must be awesome to be the CEO of an energy company right about now…..especially when this is a weekend retreat.

Ovo Energy boss Stephen Fitzpatrick owns this sprawling, five-bedroom home in the Cotswolds that has its own swimming pool and is now worth in the region of £3.2million

It is not the fact that the CEO of OVO has such a big house as a weekend retreat, but when OVO send out a list of helpful points (so they think), to people who could be suffering from the cost of heating their not have the money to do it……it is galling to say the least.

Mr Fitzgerald's firm Ovo Energy sparked outrage by sending some customers an email which included a blog advising hard-up customers of handy tips to keep warm during the fuel crisis
Ovo Energy sent an email to customers on Monday listing ten 'simple and cost effective ways to keep warm this winter'. They included eating 'hearty bowls of porridge', sticking to 'non-alcoholic drinks' and eating ginger — but not chilli, 'as it makes you sweat'

Have these corporate business people gotten so detached from reality that they don’t seem to care.

£4,200……who on earth has that sort of money? OVO have now reduced it down to £3,300 but how can a pensioner or a young family afford that? Children and the elderly need to have a warm house, and hot food during the winter and it will come to the point that we will see a growing number of people dying from hypothermia and that is outrageous in the 21st century.

They are expecting the average person to pay £64 a week for heating and lighting, then the increased cost of council tax…(which in the case of Warrington Council is just throwing good money after bad, infact throwing it down the drain would be of a more beneficial nature than giving it to the most incompetent council we have ever have to suffer from). Then there is the cost of living cost and finally the National Insurance increase.

2022 will be year of the big squeeze - 7 huge blows on the way to your  wallet - Mirror Online

How much can this Government continue to financially kick the electorate in the stomachs?

Boris Johnson states that the Government will look into different ways of helping, but that is forked tongue lies which means a whole lot of nothing and we know that MPs will make a noise etc, but when you can get the taxpayer to pay your bills for a number of years…why should they care? After all they are lining up their larger than life snouts for a £2.5 thousand pound pay increase (which is not deserved).

The fixed cap for energy costs is going to come to an end which will then add another £500 to the bill…why I am not sure and surely this Government with their majority could force through the cap again, and force these companies with their daylight robbery prices to lower the prices. After all we are informed that they purchase their supplies years in advance, and yet we the customers have never had that low price which the companies have benefited from passed to us. Nope, instead greedy Directors have their hands out for multi million pay outs when the companies targets exceed expectations, and then when criticised out they come with the prepared BS excuses. It really is getting to the point of criminal when these companies can charge what they want, when they want.

No person should have to make the choice of heating or eating, and how does someone on a single person benefit survive? They don’t get the money needed to pay for this to start with! So that would put them on the at risk.

Then the pensioners have been shafted by the Government and had their pay increase stolen off them by this Government, and where they have taken back the £20 uplift a week in the meanest way possible as we are still in a pandemic, and where your average working person will be hit by paying more tax on top of more tax and now this with the energy companies. Enough is enough.

270 Conservative memes ideas | conservative memes, conservative, politics

This Government are doing nothing but talking the talk and that is it. I have never been so disappointed in a Conservative Government and yes I voted for them, but sadly with this lot in charge they have lost my vote and my membership. Infact, we are actually as a family discussing voting Labour and that is something I never thought would happen.

The Government will do nothing about the energy cost increase, they will do nothing about the deaths from hyperthermia that will come and I can see it now…..they will state next winter that more people died from Covid to hide the fact that people died from the inability to heat their home because of being terrified of the bill. It is daylight robbery and every death that occurs from being unable to heat their home rests with both the energy companies and this corrupt, inept Government.

Based on fixed consumption levels of 13,600 kWh for gas and 3,600 kWh for
standard electricity, the provisional average combined domestic energy
bill for 2021 was £1,339. This is an estimated increase of 6.0 per cent
compared to the average of £1,264 in 2020

These figures were obtained from the Governments own website and you have to ask yourself how it has gone up to such an out of reach expense in such a short time. There should be an investigation into the energy industries as this is not acceptable, and in the case of where it is highly likely that people will die of cold….bordering on criminal.

The private ownership of energy companies must now be stopped but no doubt with lots of political donations made there will be nothing of any real meaning done, and if enough money goes into the party coffers….a peerage or two as a reward.

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