This will be a disaster..

The Government has stated that health professionals must be vaccinated or they will be fired. Didn’t seem to worry the Government when these brave people who we clapped for every week were risking their lives daily at the height of Covid and when there was no vaccine available.

The Health Service can ill afford to lose excellent staff due to not having a choice of vaccination, and where some simply don’t want it.

What happened to their freedom of choice? . They didn’t stop and think of the danger when running towards the pandemic when we stayed in our homes….so why should this hard line be used as a stick to beat them with.

The Government will face a class action lawsuit I fear that will cost us millions in unfair dismissal tribunals.

Write to your MP and demand this ridiculous mandate be binned… let the Doctors do what they are paid to do…we owe them that much at least….

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