As a Patients Governor it depresses me…

As the aunt and great aunt it scares me and angers me.

I am yet again talking about the treatment or lack of it at A & E in Warrington, only this time regarding a child.

I recently had an issue where the treatment for my beloved 80 year old mother was well below expectations, and where I was informed that despite leaving her in a chair having suffered a stroke…..that she was seen and her obs monitored in full view of everyone else in the waiting room. No privacy which is something I never want to see again, as everyone has the right and expectation to medical privacy, however I was informed that things would get better and that training and better customer services were being brought in.

Great I thought…if positive things happens then what my mother went through as a vulnerable patient would be one of the last, and we as a family and especially my wonderful oldest sister would provide her care from now on…and I felt super positive.

Fast forward to yesterday and today, and another member of my family has suffered from neglect at the same hospital.

My neice and her young son are the victims this time. He was taken by his mum to A & E yesterday at 6pm. He was suffering with severe stomach pains. By 0233am this morning, he had not seen a Doctor which was 8.5 hours, and she was informed that it would be a considerably longer wait, another 12 hours as there were zero Doctors available in the Department, and he was given a pain killer… that’s it. If she had of waited it would have been over 20 hours before seeing a Doctor.

My great nephew by this time was upset and so was my niece, and due to having seen no Doctor and with the words ringing in her ears of zero Doctors…she decided to take him home as he could not settle, and his discomfort and upset was increasing because his mum was upset. My neice is now hoping and praying that he does not get worse. He is almost 7 years old and worried if he has to go back to hospital that it would be a futile journey and no Doctors available again.

My family have twice needed A & E, one being my mother and the other being my great nephew and both times they have been let down, extremely disappointed and given what can only be described as extremely poor care.

As a Governor it is depressing as to how many times I hear of poor treatment from people as I do make myself available for issues,, as I am a Governor for the patients….not the hospital, and as a relative it is horrifying and makes me so angry that it has happened yet again to a family member.

Maybe it is time WHH Hospital Trust actually asked the public what improvements they want, instead of bringing in more and more people that ultimately eat into the hospital funds.

I have offered to work with them at zero costs to help to improve A & E as I am fully qualified in customer service, as it is a customer service they are offering. When you go through the doors….you are a customer and to have someone not in paid work wanting to offer solutions for the trust could be a considerable asset, after all if they do it voluntarily it is just because they deeply care, and want to see the improvements so very much needed, and to all hospitals…look at the people who volunteer with you as their experience could be priceless and cost nothing.

It worries me now whether the next time A & E is needed will it be 3 for 3 in poor care? My poor sister whose grandson it is, is angry and hurt as she has not only the pain of poor care for her mother, but also the lack of care for her grandson.

I know I will be asked why did I blog it and not report it…..well I reported it the last time, and had a meeting with promises made and when it is put to the test….complete failure.

This is not good and as a Governor I have no defence of the hospital to my sister when she demands answers, and as her sister I share in her anger and hurt.

Back to the drawing board again as whatever they are doing….is not working and if it carries on….families like mine will continue to suffer.

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3 thoughts on “As a Patients Governor it depresses me…

  1. You repeatedly voted for a government that promised to slash taxes and reduce funding for health and social care. You were a paid up member of the Conservative party. So while I agree the health service is creaking due to be being underfunded… I think its abit rich coming from you. What did you expect.. You actually need to invest in public services if you them to run effectively


    1. I think you will find that Tory Governments put far more money into the NHS than any Labour one, and the last Labour Government started to privatise the NHS through Tony Blair and his ministers. Letting in millions of people as Labour did purely for their potential votes with no investment in growth for the NHS, schools etc was always going to result in a problem….so it’s a bit rich for you to blame Conservative Governments.


    2. Just to clarify as you obviously just jumped onto rant….my payments for my Conservative Membership were cancelled last May. I no longer pay to any political party and will refuse to do so going forward, but guess you missed that blog…🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


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