Points of Sue Quarterly Magazine.

I am proud to announce that Points of Sue will be creating a Quarterly Magazine full of news, announcements and advertisements.. There will also be information on gqrdening, recipes, courses, holidays and bargains to be had too, as well as letters to the editor…..something for everyone to enjoy.

If you would like to take add something to the the magazine or advertise then please contact me at pointsofsue@gmail.com.

The first edition will be sent out the first week of April and I am happy for my fellow bloggers to send me their stories to put into the magazine free of charge, as having read their blogs there are some fascinating people out there in the big wide world and their vast experiences many.

If you would like to advertise then it will be a low yearly charge as I want to make it affordable for small to medium size enterprises. The charges are £25 for a small advertisement for the first edition or £75 for the year. A quarter page advert will be £60 for the first advert or £180 for the year, £90 for a 1/3rd of a page for the first advert or £270 a year,, and for a 1/2 page it is £110 for the first advert or £350 for the year and a whole page is £160 for the first advert or £480 for the year. It is a bargain…..3 for the price of 4 publications.

Points of Sue however does reserve the right to refuse any advertising request and will not advertise anything of an offensive nature, and advertisements will be sent to the owner for approval before publishing.

The world is your’s….

This offer is open to all businesses throughout the 109 countries who read my blog and if you would like to be added to the distribution list then please contact me at pointsofsue@gmail.com and I look forward to hearing from you and your feedback on the first magazine.

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