Never thought Liam Gallagher would speak for a majority of people…..

Again today we have Gary Lineker (who has peddled his woke rubbish on the BBC for far too long) comparing us to North Korea and what for??? An MP had suggested that we play God Save the Queen at night…the way we used too, but for a mere footballer who lets face it is long past his sell by date….that is outrageous and he mocks the idea…he would sooner see our Britishness go and why….because he is obnoxious and he is one of the many reasons why we should not have had to have paid the licence fee, he got rich by hating your average hard working Brexit voter and the country we love.

How many times are we going to be insulted as a nation by the very people we are forced to pay for especially as he has now left for Sky and some other fool will pick up his mantle with the misguided thought that they are clever. Well he isn’t and neither will they be…….

Let them become like Sky or Netflix and have subscriptions…..we will soon see the death knell of the once widely admired British Broadcasting Corporation who really should be told to take British out of their name….as they stand for anything but, and why we are at it…stick Lineker in North Korea and see how far his wokism gets him….about 5 seconds.

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