Is anyone else fed up by Parliamentary sleaze?

I cannot be the only one in this country who is fed up of sleaze being committed by politicians and those attached to politicians.

We have the highest order of knighthood given to a man who is a war criminal, unions dictating how Labour are to run and now trying to hold this country to ransom. Politicians who are using the tax payer funded expenses to flip their houses (we are told it is all in line with Parliamentary allowances….WELL CHANGE THEM) and get their repairs done and basically have jollies on expenses that really shouldn’t be allowed. such as hot tubs, huge TVs…. After all, why would a politician need items such as windows doing on taxpayers expenses on their 2nd home? Oh no I forget they flip their homes so the one in need of repair becomes their 1st home until done, and then they flip it back and then they rent it out and charge us for the interest on their 2nd home, and don’t forget they put their sky subscriptions, their council tax bills and their food costs on expenses and then pay a family member to run their “office”. The MPs and their Lordships do it……..

Amazes me when they complain at only getting £82k a year….they could live on the expenses they drew on alone.

We have politicians with 2nd jobs coining in thousands and thousands whilst telling the taxpayers to tighten their belts. Business men and women who pay hundreds of thousands into party funds and end up with peerages, where they then start to milk the money back from taxpayers at the cost of over £320 a day. With holidays excluded they can bill us over £75k a year….so if a businessman gives a party £300,000 tax deductible niceties then they can get that back in 4 years. In the Lords and remember it is tax free……25 years could amount to £1.8 million. That is some excellent interest returns and not bad for some eh! Don’t forget the nifty 2nd, 3rd and 4th and beyond jobs their Lordships bag too…..

Now this…….so the Prime Minister and his ever growing family of what is it 7 or 8??? His new wife and the lap of luxury they want to live in…..ends up in them getting the begging bowl out to wealthy benefactors for refurbishment of their living quarters and the cost….a mere tax payer funded event.

Must be wonderful to use the taxpayers money as your own ATM when it comes to handing out money.

When will this sleaze stop?

Labour are not any better but they are not in power but if they were….the same sleaze would still be going on.

They cannot help themselves. MPs get voted into Parliament on so many promises and then business men and women are there in their droves to offer them all the nice things that go with power, and all it takes is for them to ask questions in the very building that should be immune to sleaze and bribery.

We tried draining the swamp in 2019 and all we have done is fill up with different drains on the public purse, and as a voter it is rather depressing that we have so few honourable people in Parliament these days. If you ran a company with the same dodgy people we have in Parliament, it would be investigated by every police force and Government office available and shut down.

There is no excuse for this sleaze and here’s an idea Boris….pay your own refurbishment costs…the same way the very people who put you into power do. There were no tax payer funded contracts to offer when I wanted a new bathroom….nope I had to pay. No wealthy benefactor to pay for the decorating that Mr Points of Sue did….and no benefactor on hand to redo my kitchen. There is absolute honesty when you pay for the things yourself and when you do….and here’s the moral of the story PM… have nobody that can come back at you, nobody to accuse you of anything because you have been radical as a politician and paid for it but we know that won’t happen because its called honesty, integrity and setting an example and there is none in this PM nor the Party.

How very disappointing that Parliament and the Lords is not fit for purpose again….it is year after year after year and people are so disillusioned with politics, and I would not be surprised if the next Parliament gets in with such a low turnout that it barely registers, and then they should expect legal battles against them time after time…..the people have had enough.

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