1 Million people and rising are disgusted at Blair getting a chivalric knighthood….please sign…


The petition to strip Tony Blair of his Knighthood has now surpassed one million people and it is increasing daily. The people who are signing this are not the leftist agitators as some people are suggesting, but rather people who are disgusted that a man such as Blair can be awarded the highest chivalric honour this country has.

The people who died fighting his war should have their families elevated to the honour as they gave everything they had, but not this man. This man was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and his illegal war contributed to the rise of ISIS and the following genocide committed by them.

آزاد افغانستان – افغانستان آزاد
Why the George W. Bush–Tony Blair Political Bromance Is Still a Myster |  Vanity Fair

He is the man responsible for allowing terrorists freedom for jail regardless of the atrocities they have committed against civilians, the PSNI, the Prison Service, British Armed Forces and against democratically elected MPs. Lets not forget the attempted massacre of the Conservative Government, nor the murder of innocent soldiers and horses in Hyde Park, one of the many atrocities committed by the men and women Blair let out of jail with secret letters that were just about as repulsive as they come.

In 1982, debris and flesh were scattered around Hyde Park – human and  equine | The Independent | The Independent
John Downey: Hyde Park bomb case hears from survivor - BBC News

Let us not forget the bombing of Enniskillen and the murder of innocent people.

Enniskillen: 30 years of pain and heartache...but still no closer to  justice | Belfast News Letter

HET wanted to question Martin McGuinness over Enniskillen bombing - but  were halted by NIO, it's been claimed - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

Let us not forget the bombings and murder of 2 children in Warrington. Tim Parry Aged 12 and Jonathan Ball who was aged 3…..murdered whilst out shopping for Mother’s Day gifts and cards. Not soldiers, not the enemy but two little boys who never got to grow up. Murdered by the IRA who put a bomb in the bin outside of McDonalds as they knew it would cause maximum damage and death and they knew children would be in there.

Murderers and terrorists are the people that Tony Blair let out of jail, not someone jailed because they had a parking ticket and he did so in secret and without the support of Parliament nor legal advice from the Attorney General. and it was that secret that nobody knew until a terrorist used it when captured. The man responsible for the Hyde Park Bombing was given a free pass by Blair. Where is the closure and the justice for the families of men who were were loyally serving this country?

Does this sound like the work of a man who has wanted justice for the victims of terror?

On leaving number 10, he went and touted his evil to any despot willing to pay the price and one of them was the President of Turkmenistan. President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The despot paid £5 million a year for the services of Blair and he needed the master of spin desperately when he had over a dozen students murdered by his soldiers on his orders. Their crime….marching against his regime and wanting freedom.

Blair told the murdering despot not to worry but to use some words he had written whilst at Oxford and further stated whilst working for said despot, that the world was not to look at what he had done and that the murders whilst sad was something to move on from and that Turkmenistan whilst recognising its crime was moving into a new age.

That new …. they are now going back to murdering people who march against them and not only that they have invited Putin to send his soldiers in as “peace keepers”, and Blair was still touting what a thoroughly decent chap Nazarbayev was but was keen to state that he was given his personal opinion and not a paid one. The tens of millions he earned bought his friendship, and the friendship of any other murdering despot who was happy to given him money….lots of it…..millions of it.

Tony Blair with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev in Downing Street in 2006

Everything Blair touches turns to blood for everyone else but gold for him and is this really the type of man who should be representing Great Britain as a man of honour? A man of chivalry?

Suspend Tony Blair from the Labour Party with immediate effect – template |  TheCritique Archives

He is a man of death, war and destruction and he is responsible for the mess this country is in with his open borders and admitting that Labour went out into the world to fetch in voters….thinking they would come and vote Labour and keep them in power. The knock on effect is the collapse of the NHS, the collapse of our school system, the low wages, the lack of housing and the lack of decent care for our elderly….. but he is alright with his numerous houses and mansions. Nothing will touch him.

To give Blair the highest of honour is repugnant to all those who have lost their loved ones at the hands of this man and his cabinet and helpers like Alistair Campbell. They knew they had sexed up a dossier full of lies but that did not stop them and he signed away our military in a blood pact a full year before the illegal Iraq War. He lied and men of honour do not lie and put our forces at a needless risk.

Think of those poor mothers whose children were killed in his illegal wars and the pain of knowing that they were left without proper kit and lack of ammunition, and they were thrown to the wolves. Remember this is the same man who backed the American Government in suing the victims of Libya with regards to the bombing of Lockerbie but who signed away the rights for the British people because he wanted to look good for the Americans. Again, a man who didn’t care about his own people and their needs for closure and help.

Is this really the actions of a man of chivalry? As it is everything but in my books and it makes a mockery of those who have gone above and beyond for this country and certainly not a man who did nothing more than line his own pockets with regards to every decision he took.

Whoever was advising Her Majesty the Queen has advised her badly and she needs to rescind it, because when you get a grieving mother or mothers writing to you to plead with you not to do it then I defy anyone not to do what they asked. After all, when they were asked to do their all….they did and someone has to pay for the decision to create so much pain, death and misery and that is Blair.

Please sign the petition and get this most noble of honour rescinded from the very man who is the least deserving to receive it, because giving it him is reducing our code of chivalry into the gutter…..

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