Can Starmer sink any lower? Actually yes he can……

Keir Starmer has said Boris Johnson will not be worthy of an honour when he leaves Downing Street – but insisted it was right that Tony Blair received a knighthood.

The Labour leader accused Mr Johnson of treating politics as a “branch of the entertainment industry” in a major New Year’s speech, where he said the Prime Minister believed the rules don’t apply to him. Mr Starmer said the PM would not be worthy of eventually being honoured by the Queen amid a row over whether Sir Tony should have been appointed as a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter in the New Year Honour’s list. (

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More than 500,000 people have signed a petition for Labour’s longest serving PM to be stripped of the accolade, which has been previously bestowed on former premiers.

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So Starmer is stating that a man who created an illegal war killing hundreds of thousands, and who opened up this country to just about everyone for what they thought would be votes for them to keep them in power and putting our NHS, our schools, our housing and our jobs at complete breakdown, a man who was actually privatizing the NHS (stopped by a Conservative Government), who wanted us to join the Euro just so he could be the next President of Europe.

A man whose only solution to the Northern Ireland issue was to give the killers and terrorists a get out of jail free card and total immunity, whilst ignoring those brave and loyal servants of the crown who were sent to fight in Northern Ireland by Government Ministers, and finally a man who bankrupt this country to such an extent that the Chancellors Office left a note with the words “there is no money left…its all gone” as worthy of the Noble Order of the Garter.

This is why Starmer will never be Prime Minister….he is not reading the room.

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He states that Boris Johnson is not worthy is hollow words from a man who as Head of the CPS ignored the fact that Jimmy Saville was abusing those most at risk and the vulnerable, he refused to prosecute Muslim grooming gangs, and who defended terrorists in his role as a lawyer when they tried to sue this country,.

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Remember Starmer defending Shamima Begum stating that she should come home…..again not one thought for the victims murdered by terrorist acts.

Lets not forget that Starmer was the man who was more than happy to stand by and do nothing whilst the Jewish Community of Great Britain, and his own MPs were threatened by Momentum and where it had gotten to the point that Jews were going to leave the United Kingdom if Labour and Corbyn got into power. The same Starmer who would have happily served as a senior minister in the most toxic anti semetic party ever, and who made the black shirts of Oswald Moseley look tame….remember he said that Corbyn would make a great Prime Minister…..

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Lets not forget the same Starmer who spent years trying to thwart the will of the people with regards to Brexit and who would have trampled over our rights….

This is the same Starmer who is heading up the really nasty party and he has the gall to say that Johnson does not deserve a Knighthood.

Don’t get me wrong as I don’t believe that any of them should be ennobled. No one forces them to become Prime Minister…they do it for their own ambitions and to make a very fat wallet when they leave the post after living off us for their cozy number of years in power. They do it for their own ego boosts and no one should get a Knighthood for that as it seems for the last 30 years no one has gotten it right whatsoever.

The last greatest Prime Minister we had was Baroness Thatcher and after her, the position of Prime Minister has been dragged into the gutter and it will stay there…especially if Starmer ever gets his hands on it. Todays politicians and leaders are seen as nothing more than fools and have like all the others very large snouts in the taxpayers trough.

For someone who as head of the CPS got a 12% satisfaction survey making it the worst run department under his watch, and who as the senior top prosecution lawyer refused to prosecute those guilty of rape, abuse and child trafficking is really galling. Maybe he needs to read the room and realise that he shouldn’t have the knighthood as that is wrong on every level, but to stick up for a war criminal is even worse.

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Think about it folks if we had gotten hold of a leader who had declared an illegal war on a country, and where it had cost the lives of so many innocent people…he would be up in the dock at the Hague quicker than he could turn round, and just because it is a British PM that has done it does not mean he is above the law, infact he should be held to a greater standard than anybody else, but it seems moral standards mean nothing these days.

Starmer in his defence of Blair has shown why he and his nasty party will never appeal to the British Public and maybe it is about time we started a petition to have Starmer stripped of his……..

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