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“Petition · Tony Blair to have his “Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter” rescinded · Change.org” https://www.change.org/p/the-prime-minister-tony-blair-to-have-his-knight-companion-of-the-most-noble-order-of-the-garter-rescinded

I am starting my New Year with a plea…a begging you….please sign the above petition.

It is to ask the Government and HM The Queen to rescind the Knighthood of Tony Blair.

To award him the Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter is a slap in the already grieving faces of those who lost their loved ones. This not only includes the servicemen and women who died in his illegal war, but the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis who have died, and who continue to die due to the unrest.

Blair lied to Parliament by stating Iraq had WMDs and that the intelligence community stated it would hit Cyprus, and this was the only reason Parliament agreed to a war. Blair should have been jailed for that alone as lying to Parliament is a jailable offence. His intelligence came from a dodgy taxi driver, sexed up by Alistair Campbell and he used that to go to war. Both should be in a jail cell.

He promised President Bush a full year before to send in our troops, and that is against UN Convention. He did it because he knew he would be a star in the USA and make his blood millions. Blair and Bush defied the UN Convention of war for nothing more than a monetary gain for Blair, and to look tough for Bush…..to finish what his dad started. Are other peoples children that expendable to the privileged few?

He sent our Armed Forces into battle lacking kit and along with Bush, had no exit plan or plan for peace and this led to the power vacuum and the rise of ISIS.

The deaths and genocide that followed at the hands of ISIS are a consequenceof his actions. The rise of terrorism in our country is due to his actions.

He is also responsible for lying to the public and giving comfort letters to the IRA terrorists. This was done quietly and Parliament was not informed…just so his ego could say he won peace. He didn’t. He just gave the terrorists freedom to continue their killings….killing with immunity.

Tony Blair has no honour and certainly should not join any noble order. He is a man of deciet, lies and death follows his decisions and now grieving mothers, wives and families are sending back the Elizabeth medal awarded to them for their son/daughter/wife/husband sacrifice, as to them it is worthless now. My heart grieves for them.

Don’t let his lies, his deceit and the deaths of hundreds of thousands allow him to join a noble order….please sign and maybe, just maybe he will pay for his war crimes at last.

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