When you discuss politics with the one person you never thought you would….

I am referring to my sister.

I never thought she would show any interest in politics as she is just not that way given. My sister would sooner delve into the realms of ghosts and tarot reading and I must say she is extraordinarily good at it., rather than discuss politics or at least I thought she did Although, I must admit that the thought of reading someones life story from cards does not appeal to me but she has customers from everywhere.

Anyway, I am digressing and this post was in a way a tribute to my sister who has kindly taken an interest in the one thing she knows I like. I guess that is what sister’s are for.

She is not happy having just recovered from a bout of Covid that the Prime Minister was having a party infact all the Government departments were partying, whilst she and I were kept away from our mother and from our respective children and grandchildren.

My sister makes even more of a fuss over her than I do and to see her anger at having missed a year from my mother’s life is upsetting for her. We both know that at 80 she might not have many Christmas’s left especially as she has had her 2nd stroke and now with the emergency Cobra meeting, we are all just waiting for the latest restrictions to come in.

My sister does not articulate politics the way I do but she is very aware of what is going on and we have both come to the agreement that lockdown or not, we are not going to abide by it as there is no way we are leaving a widow alone on Christmas day and especially not one who can suffer from a stroke at anytime.

To make the decision to break the law is not an easy one for us as our parents brought us up to be law abiding and to follow the rules, but not in this case. Although we have not told our mother what we are doing as she would panic that we could get arrested. The fact that millions of others will be doing the same thing would not have occurred to my mother as that is the way she is, but I can almost guarantee that come Christmas Day elderly relatives everywhere will not be on their own.

I think my sister is more disgusted at the goings on of the Conservative Party than most people I know as she has done what she is supposed to do as the Government have stated, but I have explained to her that what is happening now is more akin to Stalinist Totalitarianism and the Government has the power now because we have no constitution in stone. It means that as we are a fluid society in respect of law and rights that this is the position we find ourselves in. Our freedoms are given to us by Parliament. They govern in our name and through this political governance they can close us down in a heartbeat. Maybe it is time we had a constitution written into law where our rights are enshrined.

This would not allow Parliament to treat the people the way it has and would give us more protection. Can you imagine if we had a bill of rights and they try to shut us down, the Government could be taken to court where the Justices would have to give us our rights as they have done in America.

Biden tried to bring in the vaccination by Presidential order and many courts have over-ruled it as unconstitutional and that is what we need. However, until we can and do it will be in the “gift” of the Government and Parliament whether we are allowed out and under what circumstances, and this has to stop. It cannot be left to a Prime Minister nor a Leader of an Opposition to decide if I and indeed my sister can get out to see my mother, especially when they break the rules themselves.

We are the masters of their destiny in terms of politics and their political career and maybe it is about time we reminded them of that or as my sister says ” it is beyond annoying that they can do this, it is almost criminal” and she is not wrong and she tells me that she thinks Boris is on his way out, and I have to agree with her. I actually voted for Andrea Leadsom regarding the choice of leader but when she didn’t get through I cast my vote for Boris, and what a disappointment all round.

I am not sorry for voting for the Conservative party as they were the only ones ready to get Brexit done and to actually evoke the will of the majority of the people, but for the rest of it…well they show themselves to be the same as Labour….and that is not good.

So is my big sister going to be right when she says that Boris will be gone and the people won’t stand for the next lockdown as even law abiding people like us will no longer follow the law, and we will be going to get our mother for the Christmas period whether Boris dictates it that we are not….

This virus has robbed the young of important time…the time when they should be out enjoying their lives as we did, and it has robbed the elderly of what little time they have left and so the answer is no.

We are not anti-vaxxers and infact my sister was quite ill following the booster and we wear masks to go out and try to limit our contact with people, and we both feel that that is enough and this Government cannot expect the people to follow the very rules they don’t.

It has been an interesting chat with my big (little sister….she is only 5ft and me 5ft 7″ but she is older than me), and I look forward to more with her……

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