Never a truer sentence…

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10 thoughts on “Never a truer sentence…

    1. Spot on wrong….people are not victims of cancel culture….but rather are getting endless BS from the intolerant who don’t want to hear the truth. When I was growing up it was called manners and being polite and people got on, but now the lefties demand an ideology that would be more akin to Communist Russia. Freedom of thought and actions to them is not allowed. Stalin would be so proud of the left.

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  1. definition of a victim: “a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action”.
    or I like this definition: “a person who is tricked or duped.”
    I know the word “victim” gets thrown around loosely these days….
    The lefties perceive harm and emotional injury from someone’s event or action (i.e. telling the truth).
    So… in this context.. I think the term victim is used appropriately.
    I do agree with you…. these people are not “victims”. They’re seduced by an ideology that is extremely destructive to themselves and society.
    Thanks for engaging with me 🙂


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