Time to open up the competition.

The Royal Mail has apologised to many many towns for the fact that they will not be getting their post regularly, and that they do not have enough people to do the job. The old excuse….too many managers and not enough of staff who actually work.

In Warrington they have hit the poorest of areas with their lack of postal officers and deliveries. We did have one called Steve and he was fabulous. For a young man he was reliable, polite, friendly and Zeus loved him. He had been our postie for a number of years and he knew Zeus from being a puppy and it was a mutual love and everyday he knocked on to see my boy and Zeus was excited to have his best buddy visit him everyday. He sits and waits now for his buddy and sadly he will not be there anymore unless the Post Office change his area back.

During the Covid lockdown Steve made sure that those of us who were forced to isolate were ok and did not need anything, and I lost count of the number of times I put sweets, cakes and treats outside for him. He was quite simply a darling and they have taken him from us and we are feeling it.

He was so reliable that when he said he was being moved there was an awful lot of people who were upset as he was a good solid dependable person and it felt to me like I was talking to a relative….everybody agreed…and now this. We are left just wondering where our post is.

We are not getting our parcels, we are not getting our post and people are waiting on urgent documents etc. When we are expecting items there is a tracking number for you to enter on their website but true to form with the Royal Mail you cannot be given an update without attempting delivery and that is the whole point.

We are not getting our parcels and it has come to the point that some people are so desperate that they are being forced to return items on special delivery costing nearly £7 for a letter. I had to do that with my student loan application as I knew that I couldn’t trust the post to deliver it on time.

It is obvious that the Royal Mail is now not fit for purpose and it needs to be opened up to competition and that includes delivering letters. It is ridiculous that they can no longer be relied upon to deliver a letter that is posted first class. I know that there could be a wait with 2nd class but even now we are not getting anything and that is not good enough.

The Royal Mail was good during the last century but it is not coping with the amount of mail and parcels that are coming, and unless it is opened up to competition then we will end up losing our mail, seeing it go missing or even not being delivered and for a service that is costing a lot of money to use and getting higher, it really is not good enough and there needs to be more competition instead of having an organisation that is out of its depth and pushing its customers to the brink………….

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