So here we have another Variant…..

Omicron…’s here or the South African Flu as its called. Funny how some people were up in arms when people called it the China Flu…..after originating from China!!!!!., but nothing with this name.

The Government has now set up Plan B and it won’t be long before there is a Plan C.

Scotland under the Dictatorship of Sturgeon and the little Dictator of Wales Drakeford are now openly thinking of Plan C….before the Government here does and we are not surprised as they look at it as their Kingdoms. Their pieces of the country where they can make all the rules and the little people must follow……Good luck with that Scotland and Wales….no wonder companies are leaving Scotland for England.

The Government here though is doing a poor job of the current situation and it won’t be long before there is Plan C. The Omicron variant has claimed its first victim but that is someone who died with other issues and who tested positive. It really is time the Government stopped this false accounting as you could get run over but with this variant you would be classed as dying from Omicron or Covid, and not actually from the original cause of death.

We deserve better than this.

The health secretary Sajid Javid (pictured) has refused to rule out school closures in January as the Government continues its battle to control the spread of Omicron cases across the country
The Health Secretary.

I have had the two jabs and the booster and if this Government tells me I have to have another….well its not happening. How many do we have to have before anything starts to work?

There now needs to be the herd immunity brought in. I understand that those who who are medically at risk or their age should be protected, and I have that in my own home with Mr Points of Sue but the rest of those in my home should not be locked down. Too many of our young people are missing out on their fun in life and that is not fair.

When I was a youngster there was the nights out from the barracks and having a great time as young people should, and that is not there for the young today and I am so sorry for them and this needs to be taken into account when making the plans.

I am all for asking….not telling people to lock themselves down if at risk but for god sake Boris let out the youngsters. This is supposed to be the best time of their lives and they are being forced to give it up and that is wrong.

This Omicron is the flu and yes it will affect some but when you get that many who have the herd immunity it will go the way of the cold. It will become an annoyance nothing more but if you lock us down, then it will create havoc and deaths as people will be scared.

This country cannot afford to be locked down again. The mental health of the young people cannot go through this again. Even my own mother who at 80 understands the need for lockdown has stated that she cannot go through it again and said something really sad, and that is that she is glad in a way my father is not here to go through this as his mental health would have suffered. She struggled with it as did so many but she was willing to stay in to protect others and note for the PM…..I will not stop visiting my mother whether you lock it down or not. Nor will I stop seeing my Grandchildren as it is beyond cruel to expect people to do so..

The panicked response of this Government is not what is needed. We need to ask people and not order them and to let people decide whether they want herd immunity and of course the vaccine and the boosters, but to deny the civil rights of the population is something that will rest easy with people and the Government will suffer at the polls, as indeed they are already doing.

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