Police Scotland are failing the victims of Rape.

Police Scotland has come under fire for stating that rapists who after committing rape and who then when caught identify as a woman even though they have a penis will be identified as women.

Well that’s nothing more than raping the victims again….only legally.

A man who rapes a woman cannot then decide he is a woman for the hope of getting a more lenient sentence. It is a MAN….A MAN who rapes a woman is still a MAN and to take the side of the rapist makes me physically sick.

Where are the victims rights? The right to have the rapist dealt with as the law says so. I mean its not even as if they get the true justice as the rapist will only get a couple of years. The law has not caught up with the horror of the charge and the leniency of the courts is there for one person only…..the person on trial as very rarely I have seen the sentence fit the crime.

If the police go ahead with this then they are failing the victims but somehow I don’t think they care whilst they are pursuing warped leftist ideology. The rapist first and the victim last.

Police Scotland has been criticised for saying it will record rapes by offenders with a penis as being committed by a woman if the attacker ‘identifies as a female’. The ‘absurd’ proposal will ‘warp’ rape statistics and threaten women’s safety by understating the threat of male violence, feminists warned. Harry Potter author JK Rowling was among those mocking the force, tweeting: ‘War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. The Penised Individual Who Raped You Is a Woman.’

Harry Potter author JK Rowling was among those mocking the force, tweeting a reference to Orwell

The Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 defines rape as non-consensual penetration with a penis. Mr MacAskill, former Holyrood Justice Secretary called the move ‘absurd’. He told the Scottish Sun on Sunday: ‘As a lawyer for 20 years and Justice Secretary for almost eight, I’ve seen some legal absurdities. But this tops it all and is dangerous. It’s physically impossible and is about dogma overriding common sense.’

The police are already losing support and to do this is nothing more than a slap in the face for victims as the charge sheet will be stated that the individual was raped by a woman….when this is a crime against women committed by a MAN. The rapist will then want to be sentenced to a female jail where THE MAN will be free to rape other women who will be at risk from the MAN.

I am sickened that this is even contemplated and shame on the police and shame on the SNP for putting this forward. The law is not protecting women from rape…instead it is protecting the MAN, the rapist from the full force of the law and shame on them for this absurdity.

When will the law start to be used for the good of the victims and not to protect the individuals who break the law in the most vile of ways.

Of course you get the moronic lefties who stick up for this rubbish….and you just know that they have no idea what the victims go through and that is the least of their worries when they are sticking up for the perpetrators because of woke ideology.

Where is the sympathy for those who have gone through this? What about their pain? Their hurt? Guess they don’t matter to some individuals.

I am with these ladies below and good on them for taking the fight to the police, and the police need to do what they are paid to do and that is protect the victims and not this perversion of the law.

Her comments sparked a huge reaction on social media, with many people agreeing with the outspoken author (including the Labour MP Rosie Duffield, bottom) while others accused her of 'transphobia

The only way to stop this is for women to fight back against the police and the system and that if you have a penis and rape a woman….then you are a MAN and this woke-ness needs to stop as this will affect those who have gone through unimaginable pain and can you really say its fair to have them go through it again because of the left?

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