Too excited to wait….

I know I put earlier that it would be my only post today, but I am too excited to sleep….yep our boy only went and did it….

He is now officially a Doctor, a Biomedical Scientist PhD and we have just returned from the drinks celebration with his colleagues, who are some of the nicest people Mr Points of Sue and I have ever met.

We said to our son we ask only one thing Son….let us worry about the finances you just pass….and he has.

The last 9 years from starting college to this date has been a long journey for him, and he had everything thrown at him….including this pandemic but he never wavered and with our support, and the support of his wonderful colleagues he has become a Doctor.

So….as a perfect day comes to a close….one where being told he had passed brought tears of joy to my face, and the biggest smile I have seen on his dad’s, and a woohoo of delight from his nan…, I am grateful….grateful to all those who guided our son and to who we are eternally grateful.

The world is now his oyster and we are so proud of the man and the Doctor he has become.

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