One Proud Mama Bear..

There will be only one post from me today and it is the best post and one that I have waited so long to write. .

My youngest son has his viva today for his Doctorate as a Biomedical Scientist. To say he is nervous is an understatement but this is the last bit and I can’t begin to tell you how proud his father and I are.

It doesn’t seem 2 minutes since he had that dead man walking look going into to get his O level results from school, to then coming out punching the air as he had smashed all 11 of them with A*s, A and Bs. Then through college and 3 universities staying on the path despite all the struggles that came with it.

He really is a remarkable young man who will be shortly leaving home for foreign shores and a new life ahead, and even though we will miss him dreadfully he has our pride, our love and our awe at his achievement.

Today is a good day and to our youngest son….quite simply….we love you, we couldn’t be more proud of you as a family, and I know your grandparents who are not here with us would be so proud of you, and your nana who still is has bagged all bragging rights and is telling everyone with such pride in her eyes.

Well done on a remarkable achievement and for showing what hard work can do.

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