No more complying for me.

I like millions of others have had enough of this Governments totalitarian orders that they do not follow themselves…..Christmas parties by the Government when people were not even allowed to say their last goodbyes to their loved ones, because this hapless, corrupt Government said so.

I have missed so much of my grandchildrens lives following the rules, well no more. I AM DONE …I am going to follow things that apply to me and mine and I will be seeing family and friends this Christmas and New Year, and this Government can go to blazes.

Boris. lost…..the people will not follow the rules now….we have had enough

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3 thoughts on “No more complying for me.

    1. I am double jabbed, the booster and the flu jab…so why this alarm? It really is nothing more than Johnson trying to hide bad news, and to do so with people’s rights is worrying…..where will they stop next?

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      1. They won’t ever stop now that they have everyone obeying their every whim. I personally don’t think it was ever about public health, but about absolute tyranny. It’s the same all over the world right now, all countries moving in lockstep.


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