Somebody save the idiot Prince from himself…….

The virtual signalling of the artist formally known as Prince Harry is reaching new levels of stupidity that even HM The Queen must be rolling her eyes at.

We are now informed by Harry that for the sake of your mental health….give up the job you don’t like….then what? What does he recommend? Go to America and do an endless whinge fest? By the way to our American cousins….I am so sorry you have had him end up there but really we could do nothing about it and what Meghan wants, Meghan gets and she wants fame, fortune and more fame and all about her!!! Glad to see the back end of them.

This is the same whinging man child who on Oprah was telling that world that Daddy had cut him off with only £30 million pounds in the bank (we now know that was a big big untruth…along with the dozen or so more untruths) , and that he was forced to buy….forced to by a house….with 9 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms instead of being handed one by Grannie at our expense, and where he has to fly by private jet as that is the life he has to lead now his dad has cut him off.

God save us from virtual signalling privileged idiots who really should keep their mouths shut.

He has been handed everything on a plate. He didn’t even have to sit his own exams as someone did that for him in Art and to get a B in Art and D in Geography meant that you really were not good enough to be an Officer in the Army, but because of Grannie being the Head of the Armed Forces there was an opening made available for him.

Then, he took the place of someone who would have made an excellent Apache Helicopter Pilot and who would have done it for a damn sight longer than the 3 months he did. That cost us £1 million pounds alone, and isn’t it strange that he has never flown since…suggestions anyone? Like it was all bluff!!. Just a privileged brat wanting something else knowing it would be given to him on a plate…not earning it….just demanding it.

Then there is his 1st and her 3rd wedding that cost us £32 million pounds, her clothes which were another £1 million then their expensive way of living and of course the perks that the Sussex’s do like even though they tell us how awful it is for them…again and again and again and again and again and again…..always with the whinging.

Only this week he is blasting his father for taking money from a Saudi man for a Prince of Wales charity and telling the world that he had doubts, but this is the same whinger who still took £60k for his charities and actually telling the same individual that he had hoped he had beaten his father to the money. Blasting his father yet he has never handed that £60k back. There is a pattern here…..its alright when Harry does it and can virtually signal……and nothing said about the half a million pound of blood diamonds he wife is wearing. Oh no you can’t pick the Sussex’s up on that…its racist!!!

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He and his wife spread untruths like butter on hot toast with regards to his family and there will be only one winner out of this duo and that is her…..wait for the Oprah interview with Meghan when she moans endlessly about how Harry is unstable….its coming as there will be a whole lot of dollars for her in it. After all if they can say such horrible things regarding his family who gave them everything without working for it, what on earth is she going to say when bored with him? It will be epic…..

They didn’t want to do the job that they were more than handsomely paid for out of the taxpayers money, and instead hopped it over the pond where he comes out with ridiculous salad words no doubt written for him by his wife, as lets not forget he is the court fool and jester for his wife’s court and he is given these non jobs….and why!!! He has the words Prince and Duke in his name. If he was anybody else he would not even be able to stack shelves in Tesco but he can’t see that. The whinging man child no doubt thinks it is his sparkling wit and personality that has gotten him these payouts. Whereas we know different.

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The Sussex’s have shown themselves to be cruel and nasty, especially when it came to disrespecting his family at a time when HRH The Duke of Edinburgh was dying, and now he throws his brother, sister in law and father under the bus. I am firmly of the opinion that because he can’t make his wife a Queen and she will always just be a Duchess, whilst watching Catherine go from Duchess to Princess to Queen…that he will do anything to try and rip that off from under them as it is nothing more than simple jealousy. What a thoroughly horrid pair and due to him being uneducated…he can’t see…no royal family…no privileged life selling his fake stories about them.

I hope that everything the whinging man child gets involved with fails and it fails spectacularly and for one simple reason, it shuts him up. People do not have the royal title to fall back on, and despite his protestations of disgust and dislike of everything royal the whinger is keeping a firm grasp of it. Unlike wet wipe Harry, people have to work hard to pay their mortgages, their bills and their way of life and it is not given to them on a plate because of who his family is. We might not like our jobs and lets face it there is a large proportion of the population who don’t but we cannot just walk away….after all those people who have to stay in jobs they hate have paid for him for the last 35 years through their taxes and the ungrateful pillock cannot even realise that.

Unlike walk away boring Harry and his wife, the majority of people have responsibilities to pay for and that is why they work. Mark my words when the money runs out he will come scurrying back to his life of comfort being paid for by others as he cannot even commit to those who have already paid him millions like Spotify, and they will want their pound of flesh and he won’t be able to give it, and why you might ask!!! He has never had to do anything on his own up until this point. He has always been handed it and never had to live in the real world.

Well the real world wants you to shut up and go away and you and your wife keep your salad word garbage to yourself. Nobody wants to hear from a pompous privileged brat who is actively encouraging people to give up work they don’t like. By the way if you do…please send your bills to Wet Wipe Prince Harry of Montecito, and see how long it is before he starts crying his eyes out… doubt another Oprah interview based on how hard life is for the pampered duo.

It just shows you that despite all the money in the world and access to the best education, you cannot stop someone from making a fool of himself. It is better to stay silent and let the world think you are a fool Harry, instead of opening your mouth and proving it.

One day the Sussex’s children will realise what it was their parents give up and then expect incoming, and what better way for them to end up but on an Oprah show having a go at their parents. Sweet revenge.

Our monarchy is in good hands with William and then George and Harry will be Harry Who Sliding down the list and lets face it….we are bored with his stories now of how awful life is…so just think in 10 years time when we are interested in the Cambridge children , how life will be unbearable for Harry when he and his wife are no longer bankable and it couldn’t happen quick enough for me as it will just shut the pair of them up. He only has to look at the boring life the Duke of Windsor ended up with, to realise that this is his life ahead.

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