When you win a legal battle…

But loose the moral high ground. The Duchess of Sussex only won because Judges refused to allow evidence of her untruths to be admitted. That is not justice.

We know the Oprah farce was full of untruths and then she “forgot” helping on that horrendous vomit inducing book finding freedom 2 years ago, but can remember a journey in a battered car from a lot of years previous. Me thinks the Z lister complains too much.

She might have won but the world can see her for what she is….and him….and its not very nice. They are not nice …especially her treatment of staff. (Wouldn’t care who you are….talk to me the way she allegedly did… it wouldn’t bode well for a polite response), and amazing how Markle is always, always the victim…..

Saying again and again they want to preach compassion whilst trashing his family when the Grandfather was dying, trashing his grandmother’s legacy. Throwing his dad, brother and sister in law under the bus all based on lies, and then her venom on her own family. No compassion there. Tells me all about a person by how they treat family….

They will no doubt continue to invade their own privacy for money, as we all know leaving the Royal Family was for her to become the star that she thinks she is (failing miserably) and to be rich. .endlessly rich, and her reputation is damaged and bordering on ruined, and as for H as she calls him…he retrained to become the Markle Court Jester and resident endless whinge bag.

Nothing explains better than what you are all about by lying about blood diamonds, and by changing the engagement ring….to make it more expensive. Always about luxuries and showing off… I have been married almost 30 years and my engagement 💍 is still the sane one placed on my finger by Mr Points of Sue.

I think the report into her bullying will be the final nail in companies steering clear of the duplicitous duo.

If the Markles said it was a hot sunny day, I would still go outside to check as we know the untruths just roll off their tongues.

I pity Sussex having those two clowns selling their names to the highest bidder… it smacks of something nasty and unclean.

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