Why is the FBI not investigating this?

Republican Senator Marjorie Taylor Greene is receiving the most vile threats from the so called tolerant left. She is subjected to death threats daily. I had thought of putting the messages on here but they are too vile and too shocking.

You can find the video on YouTube if you put in her name and shocking death threats, as it really is disturbing to hear.

Lets not forget the likes of Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters demanding that people are driven out, to fight and threaten those who don’t believe in the Democratic cause, and that violence is the only way.

This has been helped by the lies from mainstream media such as CNN and MSNBC, who want their narrative followed. All of them are responsible for the disorder and break down in law. It’s their agenda.

The Democratic party is a party of violent race baiters, thugs and morons who are whipping up the uneducated to stay in power. Problem is the uneducated don’t realise they are being used by this group whose only interest is their power, their money and their prestige.

I hope all the people on the tape are arrested and thrown in a very dark jail cell for a very long time.

2022 get out and vote Republican in the primaries, and take back control or America will sink.

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5 thoughts on “Why is the FBI not investigating this?

  1. Oh my word! I listened to it on YouTube and these people making the threats have got to be possessed, Sue! I’d hate to run into one of them because I’d be afraid they would do something horrible to me. Prayers for MTG and her family. And I support Marjorie 100%.


    1. I would hunt them down…cowards. They are nothing but cowards who hide behind a phone and if you cane acrooss them…they would cry. This is the new caring sharing Democratic Presidency….Time to get rid.

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      1. Yess! Put them behind bars! And they are cowards! And one of them actually gave his name and number, which suggests to me the he doesn’t fear consequences. And when someone doesn’t fear consequences, that’s a very bad sign!


        1. If enough people demand it…the law enforcement will have to do something about it. What beggars belief is they called Trump a war monger….and look who the real thugs are…they are not Republicans I know that.

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