The Donald Trump Interview.

Like him or loathe him….and I like him very much, the 7pm GB News interview with Donald Trump was a must see programme, and a winner for Nigel Farage.

It gave us a unique insight into the man we can dub Mr Republican as he is the party, and no matter how much Mitch McConnell tries to bring him down, he knows that the Republican Party is heading for the mid terms with Donald at the helm. McConnell is going to need to eat a lot of humble pie or just get out of the way, as the political steam roller that is Donald Trump is heading back for the Capitol.

He will run and win in 2024 and why, because he is not the bumbling old fool they have in power now. For a man of his age Donald Trump looks remarkable and he is so sharp. There was no hiding from questions, no cheat sheets needed and no blustering off topic.

When you think how he had driven the United States of America to such a high, to have it reduced to the wreck it is after only 10 months….no wonder he was able to pick apart everything Swampy Joe and Cackling Kamala have done.

This current Administration have made America look weak in the eyes of the bad guys, and we know China and Russia are going to take full advantage. Poor Taiwan and the Ukraine have no chance with this dopey duo in charge

Under Donald Trump enemies were nervous because he was unpredictable and you need that in a President, and you need that when countries want to enslave others.

For starters the Taliban would not have been gifted $85 billion dollars worth of hardware, there would be no Americans left behind enemy lines as there still is now, and sadly there would have been no deaths of service personnel and how come?? The Taliban knew that Donald Trump would destroy them….he openly said so.

This is a man who loves Law and Order. He has the backs of Law Enforcement and the Military, and they have his. Thats what a real President does.

There would be no way Iran would be anywhere near developing the nuclear weapons we know they are doing. Israel would have a strong partner in Donald Trump, instead of the bafoon in the White House and that bafoon will be responsible when Iran bomb Israel when the bomb is developed. When that happens the pair of them need to be impeached because he is allowing a despotic nation to develop WMDs, and he is doing all he can to help.

America was fuel independent and it took this most inept Administration 10 months to reverse that, and go begging to Opec. Causing sky high fuel prices and sky high interest and food prices.

America you had a brilliant President and because the left had hurt fee fees because of his tweets, (the rioting, the looting, the arson, the rapes, the murders don’t upset them) , they ran behind the most inept duo. I agree with Donald…the election was stolen as surely nobody voted these two in legitimately.

The mid terms are your chance to bring back the Republican majority, and when you do Biden and Harris and Pelosi will be impeached, although Pelosi can see what’s coming and she is jumping ship.

They will be impeached for Afghanistan, forcing Critical Race Theory on children and setting the FBI on parents, for his handling of the economy and for the Border as that is a total failure under Biden and Harris.

I enjoyed the interview last night and how great to see a man in control of his faculties and words.

CNN must be desperate for him to come back as they have lost so many readers, they are tanking….but they got what they deserve.

From a writers point of view….Donald coming back to run in 2024 has just made Politics a lot more interesting.

America needs this man to win again.

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