The week that is politics…

We have had the Keir Starmer reshuffle without telling his Deputy…bovver girl expect war. He then gifts the Tories a get out of the headlines clause by bringing back the old guard who were soundly rejected under Milliband. Guess Sir Keir is a secret Tory supporter.

We have had the poundshop Napoleon chucking a tantrum in France over a letter that hurt his fee fees….but nothing said of the people drowning, nor the French actually doing their job and stopping the dinghies, thereby preventing drownings. I am still trying to work out what is the point of Macron!!!

The French fishermen threaten yet again to block our goods and services….pity they couldn’t have been that hostile 80 years ago. Good luck with placating the French farmers when we reject their produce…

Then we have the Prime Minister losing his nerve over Omicron….which even the Scientists have said is not a dangerous virus.

Finally in America they are still divided because the looney left are always offended, and the riots, thieving and arson continue. Yep nothing says you are offended like stealing a thousand dollar designer handbag, and the President…..well he still doesn’t know what time, day, month or year it is.

America needs to know that its Obamas 3rd Presidency….its just fronted by a senile old man. Let’s not forget that Obama gave money to the Muslim Brotherhood….a terrorist organisation, so that should tell Americans his agenda.

Oh yes and the financial giants of the EU want access to our financial giants because we are successful, and they are struggling, and the bureaucratic hierarchy hate the fact we are successful. Yah boo to you EU….

The axis of evil that is Russia and China are now firm friends. You would think Russia would have learnt their lesson from the Nazi era, and somewhere some country will suffer, and more Muslims in China will be exploited to death in concentration camps, and all the UN will do is send a strongly worded letter. Ooo that should scare them.. NOT.

That sums up politics to this point folks…I often wonder if the world would be a more civil place without politicians!!

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