The week that is politics…

We have had the Keir Starmer reshuffle without telling his Deputy…bovver girl expect war. He then gifts the Tories a get out of the headlines clause by bringing back the old guard who were soundly rejected under Milliband. Guess Sir Keir is a secret Tory supporter. We have had the poundshop Napoleon chucking aContinue reading “The week that is politics…”

Sometimes you don’t need other humans….

Simona Kossak (1943-2007) Polish biologist, ecologist, author, PhD in forestry, and uncompromising conservation activist. They called her a witch, because she chatted with animals and owned a terrorist-crow, who stole gold and attacked bicycle riders.She spent more than 30 years in a wooden hut in the Białowieża Forest, without electricity or access to running water.Continue reading “Sometimes you don’t need other humans….”