I don’t care what race or culture you are…

When you buy a 9 year old to be your wife…its pedophilia and its wrong on every level. The little girl in this film should be out playing with toys and going to school. Not satisfying a repulsive 55 year old man, and all the dad asks is not to beat her. What sick andContinue reading “I don’t care what race or culture you are…”

Let down by the NHS and NWA (North West Ambulance)

Friday 29th October 2021 I received a panicked call from my daughter to inform me that my mum was not well.  I dashed to her side to see that my mum was having a stroke. My daughter had rung the Northwest Ambulance Service (NWA), and she was asked to triage my mum over the phone. Continue reading “Let down by the NHS and NWA (North West Ambulance)”

Well done ATS – A Great Service.

We all get that sinking feeling when it comes time for new tyres and Mr Points of Sue knows that well.  The day came for us to take the car for 2 new front tyres, and he decided to use the services of ATS Euromaster, Grange Avenue, Latchford in Warrington for the first time.   MrContinue reading “Well done ATS – A Great Service.”