Why the USA Interest!!

I have been asked various times why I have such an interest in US politics.

The answer is simple…we have no credible opposition in the UK and no credible opposition leader. It is all just tedious PR, spin and lies in the UK.

I have been asked do I regret my 2019 Conservative vote? Well the answer is no.

We needed to stop the stalemate and only a Conservative win would respect the will of the people, and anyone who tried to stop Brexit has shown a disdain for democracy and must never be allowed power, for they have acted against the people and Parlianent only sits because we give it permission too with our votes.

I do regret that due to the woke looney left and Corbyns death knell of the Labour Party there is nothing to stop the Conservatives or make them stand by their promises, and we all know that absolute power corrupts.

When we have an Opposition Leader who only today sides with France against his own country, then you know that politics is lost in this country.

At least in America the Republicans are putting up and winning the fight against Swampy Joe, Cackling Kamala and Round the twist Pelosi…..

It seems our MPs are too busy making sure they are OK, before it’s electorate and that makes for sadly rather predictable politics.

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