More broken election promises.

It seems that election promises and manifestos mean absolutely nothing to Boris Johnson and this corrupt Government

He and the Defence Minister have now decided to cut a further 9,000 from the British Military and at a time when we are experiencing aggression from Russia and the continued build up of China.

Russia massed 100,000 troops on the border of the Ukraine and this is 1.5 times our Army in just one build up. How stupid are the people in power for leaving us at risk?

At a time when the world is teetering on the edge, up pops BOJO with the decision to decimate the British Army. 1 in 10 is akin to what he is doing, and he is getting rid of some of the oldest regiments too. Shame on him and greater shame on Ben Wallace. He is a former Soldier and he should be fighting with everything in his arsenal to fight for more money, not weakly standing by with the yes Prime Minister, no Prime Minister that he seems to do.

At this rate we will be forced to send in the Women’s Institute to fight as those two clowns will have reduced our military to nothing.

I hear the slick talk of calling a new unit the Rangers. We are British not American and we don’t have Rangers. We have Paras, Marines, Commandoes, Engineers, Guards and so on and so on, not the American terminology and all they have done is bury the news of yet another election promise broken by announcing more military cuts on the same day they announce a new unit.

We don’t need a new unit as we have fighting men already. The woke terminology of making them “emotionally intelligent”….what the hell does that mean? We want fighting men, we want soldiers who will take on the enemy and do what they have to do. Our Army already does a hearts and minds exercise when the fighting is over. If you want emotional intelligence, send in the Salvation Army but for god sake leave the military alone.

It is obvious now that we cannot trust this Conservative Government and we especially cannot trust the Prime Minister. His word and promises and the Governments word and promises account for nothing more than a con to get them into No 10. This Government is only concerned with setting up business contacts that will of no doubt be of use to them and certainly not us in the future, and handing out our billions like sweets to their friends, relatives and even a pub landlord. All of whom had no experience in procuring the needs of this country. We have made their friends richer and our country poorer and it has got to be the biggest con that has occurred under our very noses, and yet we did nothing because we now have totalitarianism in No 10.

This is not about our freedoms as everyday they bury bad news under the threat of yet another Covid variant but when you see the PM wondering about without a mask, you have to ask yourself just how much are they lying to us? How much of this is nothing more than milking the power for themselves and all the riches that go with it whilst taking away the very freedoms we have by right.

The right to have an Army protect us as a nation is eroding faster under this Government than at any other time. It is disgusting and it is disgraceful. I was lucky when I joined up as Baroness Thatcher was PM and she loved the Armed Forces and we wanted for nothing and she invested in the military might of this country. It seems then we have had every coward in charge of No 10 and ones who have no understanding of what it means to be an actual Prime Minister.

We hear again and again that Boris Johnson compares himself to Churchill… if that wasn’t so insulting it would be funny. Johnson is more akin to Chamberlain and one where he will wave a piece of paper for capitulation and throw this country to the wolves.

I never thought that a Conservative Government would be the ones to reduce the Army to just over 70,000. It is that small that we no longer have an Army but we are infact classed as Home Defence. How frustrating and what a crime against this country.

They are spending billions on letting illegals tip up in this country, the very people we know nothing about and we don’t know if they are here to kill and maim, and yet cutting the budget of the very people whose first commitment is to this country. It seems as if they no longer care and that is dangerous.

This Government is dangerous.

I think the fact that we now have a liar in No 10 and liars in his Cabinet is the reason why they cannot be voted back in at the next election. If you cannot keep your word, if you cannot keep the very promises that you make to a country then your word counts for nothing and the electorate will not trust you, and they are finding that out now but the arrogance of these people knows no end.

This Prime Minister and this Government have lied on the triple lock, another lie when they said they would not reduce the military any further, they have lied on Brexit as it is still not complete and no smoke and mirrors can hide that. They have lied on stopping the illegal economic migrants who should not be here, and where Ms Patel stated that she would stop it. Well 2 years in and it has gone up 4 fold. They lied when they said there will be more Doctors and Nurses…well you try getting to see one.

They lied when they said there would be more Police Officers on the street…again you try and find one, and they lied when they said they would not raise direct taxes….National Insurance up.

In the space of two years this Government have lied on a daily basis. They have lied about HS2 and funny how once the Southern area is funded they cancel the North and yet Johnson relied on the North to give him his power …. well good luck trying to get that back at the next election, and they have lied about the cost of social care for those who are less well off.

It is nothing but lies and I have always voted for Conservative but I can no longer support a Prime Minister, a Cabinet, a Government and its MPs because of all the lies that have come out. It is destroying the faith we should have in our Parliament and we should have in our Government but they have taken the democracy of this country and thrown it in the bin because it suits them.

When you have a party of MPs who state that it is greed for pensioners to expect a pay raise of £800 then you know that this is turning into the nasty party, and they have continued to be the nasty party. Infact, the MP for Warrington South didn’t even bother to show up to the vote for taking £900 million away from the poorest in the North, mind you the Warrington North MP didn’t either and both were in London.

Warrington is the largest town in Warrington and both MPs could not be bothered to turn up and vote for their constituents. What does that say?? It says they are only interested when it suits them.

Labour come out with the usual “oh you can’t trust the Government”, but other than hot air they are offering nothing new. It is just one goading the other and back again but with nothing but lies, smoke and mirrors and hoodwinking the electorate.

Political parties should not be allowed to break any manifesto promise as they can say anything now, and know they do not have to keep it. In effect they can lie till they are blue in the face and then break it. It should be classed as legally binding and any attempt to break it should result in that minister being jailed.

This Government has left our borders open to illegals from god knows where. 30,000 arrived here this year and only 5 deported. What the hell is Patel doing? 29,995 people who are being kept in 4 star hotels, being given £40 a week for spending money and 3 meals a day all paid for by the Government.

We pay for this (whilst some of our pensioners and young families have to chose between heating and eating) and where hotels have signed a contract with the Government to the tune of £4 billion….no wonder they are keen to close its doors to the people of Great Britain. That does not include the cost of their legal fees and the £62 million a year they are given for their spending and that is just the 29,995 who have turned up this year, but pensioners are told they are greedy for wanting the once in a decade increase….that will only be spent on the increased costs of heating and council taxes….yep they really are greedy.

This Government is cutting down on the military because it is expensive. This has to stop.

The Home Secretary needs to get a grip and stop this madness (if we stop the benefits then they will stop coming and people will not drown…..this is viewed as the land of milk and honey and it needs to stop), but then what can we expect from this Government and its Ministers. Nothing….absolutely nothing.

They will talk a tough deal whilst doing nothing. Johnson will offer his condolences to those people who have drowned in the channel whilst doing nothing to force France and the EU to stop them (after all some have passed through ELEVEN SAFE COUNTRIES), he will talk a tough talk to Russia and China whilst doing nothing (Oh wrong…he will continue to cut the military), and he will do nothing to the EU and all the rest of the mess he and this Government has gotten us into.

Time for a change but sadly there is nobody who can form a decent Government from any of the parties in Parliament and it is nothing more than snouts in the trough…this is nothing more than 658 Nero’s watching Rome burn.

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