Politics summed up in a few sentences.

Trying to sit through another winge fest in Parliament and it got to the point that I couldn’t stand it anymore and thought nope not doing this, and promptly treated myself to a film…”Sink the Bismarck”. If you want to watch a fantastic film, then this is it.

Anyway, from what I saw it was like watching snot nosed kids trying to get one over on each other in front of the teacher and in this case, that teacher is Sir Lindsey Hoyle the Speaker. He must go home with one hell of a headache. I like Sir Lindsey….he is one of the few good guys.

Anyway Boris Johnson was having a go at Labour over their inability to come up with any feasible policies, and Keir Starmer was having a go at the Conservatives for failing to stick to their manifesto promises and for stealing £900 million from the poorest people in the North.

How the Grinch stole Christmas..starring Boris Johnson!' Social media users  mock PM after Tier 4 | Daily Mail Online

It was constant back and forth in the most disgraceful of ways, and then the other opposition parties stood up to say their nonsense, and the most annoying of them the SNPs Ian Blackford. He stands up with the most ridiculous rants and never says anything of sense as it is always anti English and where he wants to separate the Union, but his dislike of England doesn’t stop him attending Parliament and charging us a fortune for it Even in lockdown for 2020 he has still charged us almost £73,000 on top of his pay and works other jobs. It seems very profitable for him….not his constituents but definitely him.

AGP on Twitter: "The nauseating hypocrisy of millionaire Ian Blackford at  #pmqs, whinging about child poverty when the SNP could wipe it out in  Scotland overnight. The man who claims over £20K

The Liberal Democrats are totally irrelevant as is the only Green MP, so really it was just a shout back and forth with supposedly grown up people who are behaving like those sort of kids you really disliked when you went to school .

Neither the PM nor Keir Starmer will have to depend on social care for their dotage so what the hell would they know, and they can’t let bruiser Rayner free as she will be too busy shouting scum at everyone who doesn’t conform to her gutter antics.

michael fenton (@fentonbep) | Twitter

Nothing has been decided and nothing achieved, but how much are the expenses for attending this farce is all we want to know. Starmer accuses the PM of not caring about the poor in society, but he tries so hard with the my father was a tool maker…what he did not admit is that his father owned the company, and he and his siblings were left land worth £10 million, and the 2 multi million pound houses he has is around the M25….does that really show he understands what its like to be poor. Mind you, this is the man who no doubt thinks you need a passport to go North of the Watford Gap or that we are akin to the Game of Thrones and we man the Ice Wall….

Keir Starmer explaining he knows this much of life in the North of England.

When are they going to behave in Parliament and stop this petty shouting insults to each other? It is boring and it is crass and really is that all we expect from our Politicians? I expect much more….after all we are paying enough for them.

So, summed up….it was shouty shouty, lies, PR and spin and nothing achieved and that was the Wednesday that was in Parliament.

The Politics of Clown Alley | TODAY.com
Parliamentary 2021 photograph of its current members.

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5 thoughts on “Politics summed up in a few sentences.

    1. For the first time in my adult life, I will not bother as they are all sleazy and only in it for themselves. They are all a disgrace to Parliament.


  1. Noo! Not voting is the worst thing to do. I know it’s a terrible time in UK politics but please stay engaged. I miss your posts on UK politics and I really believe everyone should vote


    1. I think remaining neutral and blasting them all is the better service. I honestly feel that as it currently stands none of them is worthy to sit where they sit. I will continue my political posts and who knows…it might change…


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