Watching the left meltdown…

Over Kyle Rittenhouse is very disturbing as they are trying to make martyrs of a paedophile and a convicted fellon/abuser.

Hopefully this is the fightback from their nauseous woke agenda, because when you put a paedophile on a martyrs agenda you are very very sick, and the Democratic party has some very sick people in…who need investigating.

For my two pennies worth I am delighted he got off and justice prevailed. Now it is time to get rid of the woketards who are trying to destroy both America and the United Kingdom.

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One thought on “Watching the left meltdown…

  1. I agree, I’m really glad he won his case. Also, I think it was ‘self-defense’ that was really on trial and it’s good to know that it’s still protected by law, at least for the moment.


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