Why was he still here?

7 years after his application to remain in Great Britain was rejected.

Al Swealmeen, 32, arrived in the UK from Iraq several years ago and converted from Islam to Christianity at the cathedral it is believed he wanted to attack on Sunday
Al Swealmeen, 32, arrived in the UK from Iraq several years ago and converted from Islam to Christianity at the cathedral it is believed he wanted to attack on Sunday

This terrorist had his asylum application refused and then all of a sudden he decided to become a Christian. Call me cynical but I bet there has been another application submitted somewhere with him saying that as a Christian he would be persecuted if returned back to the Middle East? I can guarantee there is!!

The problem was that he would not tell them if he was Syrian or Iraqi, but whatever he was why was he still here 7 years later.? I would have landed him in Syria and left him too it…… not our problem. This Government is too soft and it will cost lives.

This man was hell bent on blowing up the very Anglican Cathedral he was supposedly baptised in, and he decided to do it on the very day people had gathered to remember our War Dead is outrageous. That gratitude for you and shows his ultimate motive all along.

Not being able to get through he decided that the next course of action was to blow up women and children. This man had already been found wondering about Liverpool with a knife….so again why was he still here? The old couple he managed to con feel upset and used….stop being bleeding hearts and leave failed asylum seekers to the law. Don’t take them into your home….you have no idea who these people are and yet do gooders let them in!! How crazy are these people?

He was still here because of the bleeding heart brigade who took up his cause, without having the slightest care for the fact that these people hide who they are because they want to cause us untold death and destruction, and they are enabling him. The old couple who took him in….they are enablers….as are all of those who help these people.

Have you not realised that some of these people they are just letting ride in on a dinghy or by hiding in a lorry are not here to help us. They are here to try and get everything they can and then become hell bent on killing us. Have these do-gooders not realised that yet?

God save us from the bleeding hearts brigade as they are the enablers of these people. Too interested in looking good rather than facing facts and that is that if they have not applied legally, and be prepared to come into this company in a legal way then they don’t belong here. If they are prepared to break the law to get in, what else are they prepared too and we cannot keep losing our citizens to their bombs before these people wake up and smell the coffee.

As usual our Home Secretary is as useless as the previous Home Secretaries from keeping us safe, and what happened to the former Royal Marine who was going to drive these people back who tip up on our beaches? If he is getting paid…then stop…he is not doing his job and she should be made to appear before Parliament to explain why she is doing such a rotten job.

If Border Force won’t drive them back then sack them and get people who will force these dinghies back as we are letting in people who should not be here. After all, France is not at war and neither are the other safe countries they have walked through. We have to stop giving them benefits and prepare empty military camps with full time guards on patrol to keep them in until they are either accepted or denied, and on denial taken straight back. These leftist lawyers are making way too much money defending law breakers.

If people do it legally then welcome to Great Britain and what a great asset you will be and your presence will make us a much better country because you are in it, but if you are prepared to break into this country then the Home Secretary should grow a set and kick you out as how many more of these terrorists are walking amongst us, because we know for a fact that they have let these ISIS monsters back in….Have we really become that stupid and that soft? We should demand harsher laws…..

It is about time this useless Home Secretary stopped putting their rights before that of the people she is supposed to protect and answer too, and if she can’t then get out of the way and let somebody do the job who will, or how many more people have to die at the hands of the terrorists? Mr Perry had a lucky escape but next time we won’t be so lucky and this will be due to the failure of the Home Secretary and the fact that she is providing a water taxi service for the law breakers, and to add insult to injury paying the French £54 million pounds for doing NOTHING…infact now I am wrong…she is paying France £54 million pounds as escorts for the law breakers till they are in British Waters. How much more useless can this Home Secretary get???

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