Motivational speeches on living with a disability….

Or how I like to address it….not letting your disability define who you are, and restricting the way you want to live..

Am really excited as we are heading towards the end of a very very trying 18 months to finally be able to give speeches on how disability doesn’t define you. This speech will be to medical specialists about living with pain in a proactive positive way, and am always delighted to see Managers and Directors there. It shows they want to understand….

My speech is about how businesses can work with the disabled, and how we who are disabled can still manage to achieve our goals, and how even in constant pain we can still be the best of who we are, and be a great asset to any company.

Doing these speeches is so very important to me as I want to ensure that disabled people do not become invisible, and whilst having a disability guarantees you an interview….it does not guarantee you that job….and companies need to know we are as good as anybody else.

So, I am keen to speak to companies who want to engage with people who want to work despite life throwing them a curve ball. If you would like to know more then please contact me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

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