Dave Perry – our hero.

Liverpool and Great Britain has a new hero to celebrate and he is a cabbie called Dave Perry.

Mr Perry picked up a fair yesterday who asked to be taken to the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool yesterday when people were remembering the dead of wars. When Mr Perry informed him that the traffic was too heavy the passenger asked to be dropped off at the Women’s Hospital in Liverpool.

Mr Perry noticing something was not right managed to lock the doors of his cab and on what we now know was a suicide bomber and whilst the terrorist was blown to pieces, thankfully Mr Perry suffered only minor injuries.

The police have now arrested 3 others under the Terrorism Act and hopefully it won’t be long before they are charged and if guilty have the book thrown at them (we need our own Gitmo and no more softy softy hands with these people….lock them up and leave them to rot) as to what kind of disgusting human being wants to attack a Remembrance Parade? What kind of sick and twisted individual wants to attack those who are remembering all those who died for freedom? We don’t see colour nor religion when remembering the war dead and that is the beauty of remembering as it doesn’t matter what your beliefs were, if you died in the fighting of this country and its allies then you are a hero as all are.

Hero taxi driver David Perry with his wife Rachel
Dave Perry

Mr Perry is a hero and I can imagine he wants to play the hero down but he saved hundreds of people by his quick actions, and for that we owe him a gratitude of thanks and hopefully the George Medal as I am sure when he started work that morning he did not even comprehend that evil would get into his cab, and that because he is a hero he extinguished the evil through their own bombs. They got their just desserts and how comforting to know that there is one less……

Well done Mr Perry and enjoy all the thanks that come your way as you have earned it, and its about time the Home Secretary stepped up to the mantel and started vetting those who are tipping up here, as there are those who are determined to harm us and as the British Home Secretary she owes allegiance to us and not them. If you cannot prove who you are and why you are here….then back you go and as this country does not want you nor require you…..

There should be no 4 star hotel and lots of niceties thrown at them but they should be behind the wire of a former military camp where they can be guarded until they are either granted asylum or thrown out of the country, and these lawyers who charge us millions in trying to keep them from being thrown out…..shame on you.

Come on Home Secretary get it sorted and protect these borders or move over and let someone who can do the job….this country demands it as you are woefully inadequate.

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