Eclipsed and doubled last year’s total views and readers.

Thank you so much to all those readers who have taken time out to spend time with me on my blog.

I have doubled last years numbers and my readers are in 108 countries and I plan to start finding out some fascinating facts about each and every country, because if you are kind enough to log in then I want to advertise your beautiful country. As you can imagine this is so exciting for me especially doubling last years total and the year still has not finished.

I have taken less to typing about politics as we are all politics exhausted from all the sleaze and the corrupt people that exist within any and all Governments and even I have to take a break as it really gets you down…all the corruption from people who are supposed to make life better for their country….not worse. can be soul destroying if you read it too often.

I am enjoying very much finding all the lovely and interesting posts that you are seeing and I am learning new things everyday and that is one of the better sides of the Internet, and long may it continue.

I cannot thank you enough for the time you spend on here and to double last years total is amazing as when I first started 2 years ago I thought getting 1400 people to read it was awesome but now that number is some 46,000 and rising…. and the increase in these numbers and countries just gives me the push to carry on.

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